A corporate Johnson; hired the team for their first group run


“Tanaka-san” is the Japanese equivalent of “Mr Johnson”.

Claims to work for Shiawase. Claims not to be a Yakuza. Claims to be human. In short, he claims many things.

Seems to have a general interest in technomancers, given that his bodyguard Ikaru Shotozumi asked Lucy to be on the lookout for any information on them before the rest of the team arrived at Equilibrium.

His job is for the party to extract a biochemistry project manager from an Aztechnology research facility. Her name is Maria Villalobos, and her half of the facility is tasked with testing the effects of drugs on technomancer brains (perhaps the same team referred to in Malachi Constant’s prior investigations. He would like for this to be done within the next three days.
For this after Belletrix’s negotiations, Tanaka-san offers 34,000¥. He also made vague promises of fake IDs, tips on valuable goods, and discounts on certain Shiawase products.

After their negotiations, the team earned a quick 20,000¥ by saving Tanaka-san from a Yakuza ambush in the club. Two of his three bodyguards gunned down; the Johnson fled with Belletrix through a hole slashed in the wall of the men’s room. Meanwhile Malaclypse was able to Stunball the group into submission as Malachi kept their leader disarmed.


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