Size: 570 square kilometers

Population: 375,000
-Human: 71%
-Elf: 11%
-Dwarf: 1%
-Ork: 15%
-Troll: 1%
-Other: 1%
Population Density: 658 per square kilometer

Per Capital Income: 59,000 nuyen
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 89%
Hospitals and Clinics: 6
Voting Precincts: 8

-Less than 12 Years: 25%
-High School Equivalency: 48%
-College Equivalency: 21%
-Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 6%

Mayor: Francesca Sipple
Major Corp Facilities: Federated-Boeing, PacRim Communications, Shiawase, Eta Engineering
Major Gangs: The Ragers, The Spikes

For decades, Tacoma was Seattle’s smaller southern neighbor, the blue collar to Seattle’s white. Still, the area known as the “City of Destiny” took its rightful place following the incorporation of the metroplex. With population concentrated within Seattle’s new borders, corporations and residents shifted back into Tacoma, and billions of nuyen poured into real estate, renovation, and infrastructure for the area. The infamous “Tacoma Aroma” can be smelled if the wind comes in across the tidal flats, carrying with it the odor of paper mills and metal smelting. Despite early-century growth, Tacoma has been on the downslide since the 2050s. Some of the corps here are leaving for greener pastures, resulting in abandoned office buildings that are sometimes seized by squatters. A turn-of-the-century downtown area receives heavy subsidies to keep it charming. Shopping centers like Tacoma Mall and Villa Plaza are in this neighborhood.

Charles Royer Station, the metroplex’s bullet train hub, is located in Tacoma. From here, one can travel south to Portland and San Francisco, or north to Bellingham and Vancouver. The Tacoma Drome hosts the Tacoma Timberwolves combat biker team and the Seattle Screamers urban brawl team.

Although not so much as Everett, Tacoma also has a significant part of the Port of Seattle. It also has been the scene of great violence; Tacoma was the site of the Night of Rage some thirty years ago – the Crying Wall still stands for pilgrims. The Shotozumi Yakuza have long held sway here, but their rule is being challenged by the Seattle Mafia, as well as smaller outfits like the Seoulpa Rings.


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