Size: 217 square kilometers

Population: 115,000
-Human: 86%
-Elf: 6%
-Dwarf: 1%
-Ork: 5%
-Troll: 1%
-Other: 1%
Population Density: 530 per square kilometer

Per Capita Income: 34,000 nuyen
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 71%
Hospitals and Clinics: 8
Voting Precincts: 2

-Less than 12 Years: 23%
-High School Equivalency: 52%
-College Equivalency: 20%
-Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 5%

Mayor: Karl Feddersen
Major Corp Facilities: Ingersoll and Berkley, VisionCrafters
Major Gangs: None

Although known for its urbanity, Seattle has insisted on retaining Snohomish as its breadbasket. The district grows a substantial portion of the sprawl’s food, and sees a great deal of friction between small farmers and back-to-the-land types versus Big Agribusiness. There is also a good deal of support for the Humanis Policlub here, resulting in violence against metahumans and the Awakened.

Places of Interest


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