Seattle, UCAS

Three former Interstate highways – now simply called the North, South and East Roads – lead in and out of the ‘plex and serve as main traffic arteries.

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Metroplex Government

Seattle is the second-smallest state in the UCAS, after Rhode Island. As such, it elects two Senators and six representatives to Congress, and has its own governor.

Governor – Kenneth Brackhaven (Republican) – A Bellevue native, took over Brackhaven Investments after his father’s death in 2044. Started the Citizens’ Coalition for Security, a law enforcement watchdog organization. Ran for president in 2057 on the Archconservative ticket, but lost to incumbent President Dunkelzahn after the media leaked that he was secretly an adopted orphan. Returned to the family company, re-entering politics in 2070 when he won the Seattle gubernatorial race after his opponent Josephine Dzughashvili dropped out of the race for medical reasons. Favors tax breaks to the megacorps, which wins him their affection. Notable amounts of support come from Ares Seattle. He not-so-secretly receives great support from the anti-metahuman Humanis Policlub. Governor Brackhaven is a widower with no children.

Districts (roughly ordered north-to-south)

Seattle is divided into ten districts, each of which has its own mayor, and consists of “neighborhoods” that are easily the size of large towns.

Everett – low/squatter blue-collar district. Borders rural Snohomish and Salish-Shidhe. Everett Naval Shipyard and other military-seized land. Snohomish River cuts through it, providing naturally beauteous hiking trails with rainforest vistas. Many abandoned properties with squatters. Triads hold booming market in drugs, BTLs, “massage parlors” and strip joints. Corps: Ares Seattle, Dadson Vision Entertainments, Federated Boeing (aircraft construction facility), Independent Information Network, Ingersoll & Berkeley, and various dockyards. Gangs: First Nations, Kabuki Ronin, Red Rovers, Scatterbrains (docks). Mayor: Matthew Hilcox

Snohomish – lower-class rural district. Many aquaculture (krill, algae, kelp) and agribusiness (soy, frog farms, cricket hatcheries, mycoprotein) farms along the Snohomish River, restaurants and food co-ops. Blackstone’s Museum and Zoo has paracritters. Conflict between back-to-the-land types and Big Agribusiness (which owns more than ¾ of the farms). A fair Humanis presence among the shotgun-toting hicks that doesn’t appreciate dandelion-eating keeb tree-huggers. Corps: Ingersoll & Berkely, Horizon?, VisionCrafters. Gangs: None. Mayor: Karl Feddersen

Redmond – street, low (The Verge) slum district. “Touristville” has some police presence (and a nominal government) and an active nightlife from slummers; it is also a spamzone in AR. Deeper in, has many orks and trolls, and is a lawless hellhole slum. Gangs: Crimson Crush (The Verge), Red Hot Nukes, Spiders, Brain Eaters, Rusted Stilettos (Glow City), the 162s. “Mayor:” Sonya Scholl

Downtown – high-class commercial/government district with low-class ACHE and squatter-class Ork Underground. Technically called “Seattle City.” Shops, hotels, parks, theaters, museums, hotels, and restaurants, plus attractions like the Space Needle. Downtown shows its diversity with the International District, Elven District, Ork Underground, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods and the University of Washington (“U-Dub”). Home to the kilometer-tall 300+ floor ACHE (Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave, the first five floors of which are Seattle’s largest mall. The rest is low-income housing, and a few sensitive areas under federal control.) The Seattle Kingdome hosts the Seahawks (football), Supersonics (basketball), and Mariners (baseball.) Sea-Tac Airport. Also lots of corps: Aztechnology Northwestern Division, Mitsuhama North America, NeoNET Northwest, Regency MegaMedia North America, Telestrian Industries Seattle, Universal Omnitech Seattle, Wuxing North America, Brackhaven Investments, Emerald City Graphics, Federated-Boeing, Ingersoll & Berkeley, Lone Star. Gangs: Bloody Screamers, Disassemblers, Halloweeners, Troll Killers (near Lake Washington), Skraacha (Ork Underground). Mayor: Nikola Taul

Outremer – high-class suburban island district. Composed of five islands, which are “conservative” (racist) and socially isolated. They want to avoid the urban sprawl pouring onto their islands. Often used as smuggling stopovers.

Bellevue – luxury-class residential/business community of the plutocrats. Manicured parks and condoplexes. Elegant shopping and business ward, specializing in AR wearables, grid-gear and fashion. Fine restaurants and nightspots. Ferrocrete walls with drone patrols and microwire keep out the Redmond rabble. Several hardware/software corps: Ares Macrotechnology, Gaeatronics, Global Technologies, Microdeck Industries, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Renraku Computer Systems, VisionQuest Studios. Gangs: 405 Hellhounds, Lake Acids, Leather Devils, Nova Rich. Mayor: Daniel Reynolds

Council Island – middle/high-class Salish consular territory. A nature preserve and diplomatic station of the SSC in the middle of Seattle. Security is taken seriously. Gang: First Nations. Ambassador: Margaret Lone Feather

Renton – middle/high suburban district. Natural beauty (Cougar Mountain and Tiger Mountain, with a chain of tarns) and modern architecture. Conservative; strong Humanis support for Brackhaven. Retail. Corps: Federated Boeing, Horizon Group Seattle, Knight Errant. Gangs: Blood Mountain Boys, Night Hunters. Mayor: Samuel Usinski

Auburn – A blue-collar district. Minor league baseball and urban brawl teams (Auburn Cardinals and Auburn Rumblers), Seattle International Raceway. Lots of orks and trolls; Lone Star has trouble dealing with race relations. Many bars. Corps: Bowman Metal Works, Federated Boeing, United Oil R&D and several other factories. Gang: Blood Brothers (minor presence). Mayor: Tyrone Monzo

Tacoma – low/middle-class heavy industry district, including dockyards. Has a heavily subsidized turn-of-the-century downtown for the tourists. Shopping centers like Tacoma Mall and Villa Plaza. Seattle’s bullet train station is here, Charles Royer Station. The Tacoma Drome hosts the Tacoma Timberwolves combat biker team and the Seattle Screamers urban brawl team. Some Corps (Shiawase, Eta Engineering, Federated-Boeing, PacRim Communications Northwest), although other office parks host squatters as corps find greener pastures. Gangs: The Spikes, Ragers (docks). Mayor: Francesca Sipple

Fort Lewis – middle-class military district. Houses the Seattle Metroplex Guard and the UCAS Army Pacific Command, Joint Task Force Seattle. Some unrestricted areas, like Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens (which studies paracritters.) Corps: None. Gangs: None. “Mayor:” General John E. Darcy

Puyallup – lava-plains street/squatter district with middle-class elven neighborhood of Tarislar. Sits on a vast lava plain. Occasional tremors, boiling mud, geysers and ashfall from nearby Mt Rainier (in SSC territory). Hiking/camping allowed, but waiver is required. Half a million SINless, many metahumans displaced by Night of Rage, living in the shadow of an active volcano. Gangs: Ancients (Tarislar), Black Rains, Chulos (Carbanado neighborhood), Forever Tacoma, the Princes, Reality Hackers. Syndicates: Laésa. “Mayor:” Lon Campa

City-Wide Presences

Other Corps:Evo Seattle – Renraku Computer Systems, Saeder-Krupp Prime, KSAF, StarKaf, DocWagon

Law Enforcement: Lone Star

Gangs: Ancients, Cutters, Cereal Killers (grid), The Specters (astral space), Desolation Angels – p.181, Seattle 2072.

Crime syndicates: The Mafia (Finnegan, Ciarniello, Gianelli), Yakuza (Shotozumi-gumi, Kanaga-gumi, Kenran-kai), Triads (Yellow Lotus, Eighty-Eights, the Octagon), Vory v Zakone, and Seoulpa Rings (Choson Ring, Komun’go Ring) and Laésa (“Elven Mafia”).

Policlubs: Humanis, Sons of Sauron, Empowerment Coalition, Ork Rights Commission

Religious: Children of the Dragon, Church of the Whole Earth, Inc., Gestalt Consciousness Network, People of the Book

Magical: Bear Doctor Society, Hermetic Order of the Auric Aurora, Illuminates of the New Dawn, Mystic Crusaders, The Sisterhood, United Talismongers Association, Wild Seattle

Other: Tamanous


Body Shops

Luxury: Executive Body Enhancements, Red Star
First-Class: A Whole New You, Inc., Body+Tech
Family Style: NuYou2, The Body Pagoda
No Frills: Cyborgs ‘R’ Us

Computers and Electronics

Luxury: Nybbles & Bytes, Gate’s Computer Showcase
First-Class: Hardware, Etc., Blood Monies Software
Family Style: Software Sellers, Microdeck, DeGear’s Electronics
No Frills: Computer Exchange, Hacker’s Delight, Kennedy’s Used Electronics

Taxi Companies

Luxury: WP Express, Metroplex Transport
First-Class: Round Trip Taxi, Seattle Star
Family Style: Emerald City Cabs, Yellow Cabs
No Frills: GridCab, AutoTaxi


Luxury: Azteca International, The Edge, Takuri’s, Trattoria Pagillacci’s
First-Class: Green Village, The Gravity Bar, La Gallaria, Kau Kau’s, Purple Haze
Family Style: Casa de Carne, Gracie’s for Ribs, Bosco’s, McKracken’s Seafood, Bangkok Hut, Maximillion’s
No Frills: McHugh’s, Nukit Burgers, Cap’n Beef, Nacho Mama, Street Pizza, Teriyaki Boy, You Should Not Eat So Much!

Department Stores

Luxury: Lordstrungs, Lacy’s
First-Class: Fallon and Nelson, The Beaux
Family Style: Wordsworth, Lears and Mervins, Meyer’s Superstores
No Frills: Kong Wal-Mart, Saver’s Central, WeaponsWorld

Groceries and Convenience

Luxury: Society Grocers
First-Class: Meyers Groceries, NaturalVat Foods
Family Style: Allenson’s Groceries, Carry&Save, Quickway
No Frills: Stuffer Shack, Loco Foods, MiniMart, Buy-Low Foods

Local Bands

3 Meter (Trog Rock, Puyallup)
Charmed (Jazz, Downtown)
Full Century Flashback (20th century rock, Renton)
Sound of the Pacific (Ambient, Downtown)
ARO Dreams (Techno, Bellevue)
Suzie T. (Coffin Club, Bellevue)
POTG (Punk, Redmond)

Seattle, UCAS

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