Size: 259 square kilometers

Population: 218,000
-Human 65%
-Elf 10%
-Dwarf 2%
-Ork 20%
-Troll 1%
-Oher 2%
Population Density: 840 per square kilometer

Per Capita Income: 90,000 nuyen
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 68%
Hospitals and Clinics: 13
Voting Precincts: 5

-Less than 12 Years: 19%
-High School Equivalency: 43%
-College Equivalency: 26%
-Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 12%

Mayor: “Smilin’” Sam Usinski
Major Corp Facilities: Federated Boeing, Horizon, Knight Errant
Major Gangs: Blood Mountains Boys, the Night Hunters

Known as “Seattle’s apartment,” Renton is a bedroom community filled with condoplexes and housing co-ops, from which residents commute all over the metroplex. Modern architecture, high-end boutiques and shopping centers dominate the district’s communities. Pleasant hills lead up to Cougar Mountain and Tiger Mountain, the highest points in Seattle, and fish-filled rivers and lakes attract fishermen and water enthusiasts. Lake Young is over two kilometers long. Culturally, Renton is an eclectic mix of German, Scandinavian, and various Asian ancestries.

The fastest growing racial group, however, is the ork population. This has become a source of concern for the locals, who are turning increasingly to the Humanis Policlub.


Renton Center: If Renton has a place “where it’s going on,” this is it. Several of the larger malls and more famous boutiques are here, as well as government facilities.


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