Redmond Barrens

At a Glance

Size: 436 square kilometers

Population: 498,000 (estimated)
-Human: 81%
-Elf: 6%
-Dwarf: 1%
-Ork: 10%
-Troll: 1%
-Other: 1%
Population Density: 1,142 per square kilometer

Per Capita Income: 6,600 nuyen
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 22%
Hospitals and Clinics: 6
Voting Precincts: 10

-Less than 12 Years: 78%
High School Equivalency: 18%
College Equivalency: 3%
Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 1%

Major Corp Facilities: None
Major Gangs: Brain Eaters, Crimson Crush, Red Hot Nukes, Rusted Stilettos, the Spiders


One of the ten districts of Seattle, Redmond was once a well-off town, but is now a hellhole slum district thanks to the meltdown of a nuclear plant.

The only part of Redmond with any police presence, this area bordering the posh Bellevue district is home to the so-called Redmond District Government. It is known for its wild, sleazy bars frequented by tourists and slummers. The AR of the area is filled with spam. The Mafia, Yakuza, and Seoulpa Rings maintain a presence here, bringing in illicit goods and sex. Crimson Crush deals BTLs to out-of-towners. Despite the police patrols, it’s a good idea to travel armed or with a bodyguard.

The Verge
The last major eruption of Mount Rainier sent tons of ash pouring down on the south and eastern parts of the Seattle Metroplex. One of the most affected areas was a two-mile strip of land on the border between southeast Redmond and Salish-Shidhe territory, now known as The Verge. Both sides largely washed their hands of having to clean up or deal with the ashfall. Within weeks, Federated-Boeing negotiated the purchase of the land with the Seattle government, citing intentions to fix up the area, but never got around to it. Dust from the lava flows still coats many of the buildings and streets. Most residents are Asian or Native human squatters, scavenging for goods in abandoned stores, may of whom are drug abusers.

A recent spike in disappearances has been attributed to Tamanous and their associated Redmond ghoul gang, the 162s. The major gang of The Verge, however, are the Crimson Crush. The Crush have been battling the First Nations for control of this neighborhood (and the corresponding black markets in an area where people are desperately in need of the most basic services). Some savvy residents have siphoned off power from buried cables or use scavenged power generators, making life in The Verge better than the rest of the Barrens except Touristville. Nonetheless, with tap water requiring boiling, sanitation problems and a diverse pest population, disease outbreaks are common. Both Seattle’s Metroplex Guard and the Salish-Shidhe Border Patrol occasionally patrol the area, as both consider the area their jurisdiction.

Redmond Barrens

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