Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Prologue: Malachi Constant
In Which We Meet Our Ne'er-do-Well Hacking Hero

Mon, 23 Oct, 2070 – 6:00 PM
The Verge, Redmond Barrens (Seattle Metroplex, UCAS)

A light acid rain falls on 142nd Street as squatters warm themselves by a burning barrel and red-jacketed gangers swagger down the sidewalk. Dwarven technomancer Malachi Constant is in his decrepit squatter apartment when he receives a message from Mr Johnson. The potential employer says he’s heard of Mal via a fixer called Baraka, and offers a Matrix meet on the hidden node “Dark Emerald” at 9:30. Mal traces the origin of the message to a Stuffer Shack in Everett. Hacking into the Shack, Mal tries to spot Johnson with the security cameras, but the Shack is packed due to the Seahawks game. While he’s in the node, Mal cracks into the deep fryers and puts them on the fritz. While trying to get administrative access, he’s intercepted by an IC program, which he handily defeats in cybercombat. After diverting a curry delivery to his apartment, Mal eases his senses out of the Matrix.

About this time, Big Ben comes into Mal’s apartment unbidden. BB is an ork and a member of Crimson Crush, the gang whose turf Mal lives on (across the street from their hangout dive bar, The Scumpit). The Crushers have been fighting the First Nations for control of The Verge, but just now Big Ben is there for the monthly “rent” (protection money.) Mal holds off payment until the next day. He also asks if Mal will be watching the game at Aces (“The Scumpit”) tonight, and is surprised when the dwarf declines to bet on its outcome. Ben is even more surprised when Mal goes on to say that he has a job. Mal gains Big Ben as a Loyalty 1/Connection 2 ganger contact.

After eating his stolen curry, Malachi searches the Matrix for Dark Emerald. This turns out to be ShadowSea, the premier forum and data dump for Seattle shadowrunners. The site prompts him for a username and password, as well as a reference to ensure that he actually is a ’runner. He names Baraka, a local fixer. A few weeks ago, Mal did a ’run for one of his friends, and Baraka vouches for him: after more than a year of ’running in the ’plex, Mal has made a real break into the shadow scene (and he gains ShadowSea as a virtual contact.) At 9:29 he quits lurking and chats with Mr Johnson. Johnson is a spider (a security hacker/rigger) who works for an Aztechnology subsidiary at a small warehouse facility in the Barrens. He wants to hire Mal as a penetration tester, hacking through his defenses and downloading a datapacket called “Rosebud” before 4:00 AM. Obviously a large advance payment is out of the question since Mal could simply steal everything he sees, but the dwarf manages to get a 10% (¥500) advance. If Mal does anything that would make the spider look bad, the deal is off. Mal accepts the contract.

Bargain Basement, Redmond Barrens – 10:15 PM

Forgoing any legwork, Mal calls an AutoTaxi, which he hacks into to avoid payment. This conveys him to the Aztechnology logistics center, where he sets up in the parking lot by 10:15. After three hours of cracking, Mal makes it into the system and spoofs the chief of security’s commlink. While he and his crack sprite try to find hidden nodes, Mal gets a text from Johnson: the security chief is in the same room as him and there needs to be a physical distraction. Mal and his attack sprite overwhelm the other rigger on staff, and then use his crane to break through a warehouse wall with a container (that appears to have been filled with coffin-like boxes.) A dozen armed security guards scour the grounds as Mal continues to hack. Finally he finds a hidden node, and notes that it has two files: the blank “Rosebud” and an encrypted file. Mal copies both files and covers his trail. Meanwhile security has begun to sweep the parking lot. Mal hacks into the lights, blacking out the lot as his borrowed AutoTaxi takes him away. Only one of the three nearest guards lands a pistol shot on the escaping car.

Mal has the AutoTaxi drop him off near 142nd Street and orders it back to its garage. He sends Mr Johnson the “Rosebud” packet, and at 4:45 AM gets a reply that he will find a certified credstick for ¥4,500 in a PO Box in Redmond’s nearby Touristville neighborhood. Meanwhile Mal decrypts the second file he swiped. After several hours, he has a file mostly in Spanish with English sections and a bit of Japanese thrown in (all of which he can read.) Its gist is that somewhere in Seattle is a secret Aztechnology facility devoted to abducting and experimenting on budding technomancers, for use in some kind of drone research. Vengeance in his heart, Mal tucks this knowledge away for later use. After waking up, Mal goes to retrieve his nuyen and pays Big Ben the “rent.” Later he gets a message from the fixer Baraka, who comments on his rising street cred and says that he’s putting a crew together that could use a Matrix specialist…


Malachi Constant gains Contact: Big Ben (Loyalty 1/Connection 2 sprawl ganger [Crimson Crush]), Virtual Contact: ShadowSea, 2 Karma, 1 Street Cred, ¥5,000, and an encrypted file revealing Aztechnology experimentation on technomancers.

Prologue: Belletrix LeBangs
A debutante to the shadows and her improbable hijinks

Fri, 31 Oct, 2070 – 2:30 PM
International District, Downtown (Seattle Metroplex, UCAS)

Belletrix LeBangs is in her apartment, making sure to be stretched and hydrated in preparation for her upcoming shoot, when she receives a message from an old associate from CAS. Gavin Danzig, her sleazy former agent from her early days in Nashville, has asked her about employment and requests a meet in ShadowSea.

Unfazed by Belle’s winking emoticon Matrix icon, Gavin offers Belletrix 10,000¥ to do a simple job: distract the bodyguard of Jizzelle, the other girl at the shoot that afternoon. Danzig will then swoop in to talk to Jizzelle one-on-one, hoping to get her out of her current contract. Belletrix talks Gavin into a 1,500¥ advance.

Belletrix takes an AutoTaxi to the apartment 15 blocks away where the scene is to be shot. She introduces herself to Jizzelle, who says that she’s into hanging out with friends and dancing. Today being Halloween, the shoot is “Belletrix LeBangs in: Little Red Riding Slut”. Jizzelle is to play the woodsman, whom an evil witch has turned into a woman (with sex.) Dirk “The Dragon” Goldman, a dwarf, will portray the Big Bad Wolf, and Belletrix will of course play Red. A threesome ensues.

After the shoot, Belle asks Jizzelle’s bodyguard what he thought of the scene, but the man is obviously lost in lust not for her, but for Dirk the Dragon. She manages to convince Dirk to have a gay tryst in the backroom (he claims it would be better than his fluffer.) She and the crew, being curious, gather around the door. The cameraman helps her rig up her periscope to slide under the door and film the goings-on within, which Belle proceeds to liveblog. Then, she hears a scream.

The source of the shriek is Jizzelle, out on the balcony. Belletrix is the first there, and does not see Gavin: he has been pushed down to the street 15 stories below. Jizzelle, in shock, claims that he tried to rape her. Belletrix, worried that everyone has heard Jizzelle’s confession, hatches a plan. It is kicked off by convincing everyone to have an orgy.

The director uses his keycard to get into the bedroom and the bacchanal begins (including himself, all three porn stars, the sound and camera guys, the bodyguard, and the fluffer) Meanwhile Belle gets in touch with her stripper friend, Butterscotch. Belle needs some laés, and she needs it fast (the elven memory-wiping drug). Butterscotch says that she can steal some that was confiscated recently in the club, but she’ll need payment: there’s a man with her needing service. Belle replies that she can bring the guy! Butterscotch shows up in about 20 minutes, not with laés but with its cheaper cousin leӓl.

Finishing up the orgy, Belletrix spikes several bottles of water and manages to wipe everyone’s memories except her own and Jizzelle’s. As the others slumber, they plot to repeat the balcony scream, except this time claim that Gavin leapt to his own doom. They do this once everyone wakes back up and the obligatory confusions are resolved. Meanwhile a Lone Star drone hovers up to balcony level, asking if the porn people know anything about a Gavin Danzig who fell from this height. The two responding ’Star officers arrive in time to find that Belletrix has orchestrated another orgy.

By the time Belle has finished with police procedures, it’s 8:00 and past dark. Nonetheless, she decides to walk home. About halfway there, she happens upon a grocery store being robbed by Halloweeners. The psycho gangers are dressed in bizarre costumes as they run out the building’s doors, tossing a Molotov cocktail to discourage pursuit. Belletrix attempts just to walk past, but the ork and human hooligans are stricken by her looks and decide that they have to have her (before killing her for being an elf.) Belle fights well, disarming one of his Molotov (breaking it at his feet and setting him ablaze) and going toe-to-toe with the other in a spur battle. The first burns to death before he can inflict a stab wound, and the second flees after she disarms him of his pistol, but Belletrix puts a bullet in his knee with her own. She then finishes him off with his own gun before calling Lone Star. Before going to bed, Belle extends Jizzelle an offer to live with her for a while.

Sat, 1 Nov, 2070 – 2:00 PM
Belletrix is sitting at home when she gets a call from “Mr. Johnson”. He represents a party interested in preventing the incumbent mayor of Tacoma, Falcon Hargreaves, from winning re-election. With Election Day on Tuesday and the challenger Francesca Sipple several points behind in the polls, Johnson wants Hargreaves to drop out of the race. He offers LeBangs 5,000¥ to attend his party starting at 6:00 and to find or fabricate blackmail-worthy evidence sufficient for the task. Johnson says that he wants Hargreaves out of office because of his affinity for the Yakuza, but doesn’t offer any more clues regarding his motivations.

At a loss for how to obtain respectable access to a high-profile black tie affair, Belle calls Frankie Doubletree. Frankie says that the Gianelli Family of the local Mafia have been wanting Hargreaves out of office due to his being owned by the Shotozumi-gumi Yakuza, and speculates that this Johnson may be affiliated with them. Doubletree also says that he was invited to this event, but had no intention of attending – although he would be willing to if it meant getting LeBangs in as his date. Doubletree has a distaste for Hargreaves, who recently approached him with requests for pornography featuring actors too young for the law.

Reasoning that having the right drugs on hand would be appropriate for the evening, Belletrix gets in touch with Butterscotch once again, who reminds Belle that she’s not a drug dealer, and refers her to one of the club regulars – an orkish 19-year old named Big D. After getting a ride to a Brilliance outlet (a Horizon subsidiary) from Doubletree, Belletrix buys a fashionable color-changing dress that complements her hair. She meets Big D outside (security wouldn’t let him in), and he insists on a more secure locale for a drug deal. First he suggests seeing a movie, as nobody ever pays attention to others in a theater. Belletrix, alas, hasn’t the time – but she might some other day. Big D’s next idea is to swap in a taxi, which they do. After arriving at “her place” (the porn shoot apartment), she can’t get in due to the biometric sensor on the door. The ork teen doesn’t notice, as she has given him footage of yesterday’s orgy – he even leaves without receiving payment.

Zenith, Tacoma

Later, Frankie Doubletree brings Belletrix to the party in Tacoma via limousine. Arriving in style, Frankie introduces Belle to Mayor Hargreaves and promptly excuses himself. It isn’t long before the porn star has the politician in his bedroom. En route, she palms some eX into his champagne. They engage in increasingly rough and kinky sex, all of which Belletrix records. Afterwards, he stumbles out of the room with bow-tie undone and shirt half untucked. After leaving the room, Belletrix incites the crowd to chant “Speech! Speech! Speech!” until Falcon must relent. The mayor stumbles his way through the speech, then down the stairs from the stage. Belletrix eases her way towards the exit when she notices the Yakuza wiz-bodyguard assensing the area, but is stopped by a blogger requesting an interview. Belletrix deflects the situation by offering the blogger a job as a porn star, she is rebuffed but Belletrix manages to escape with Doubletree before she has to deal with an angry spell-slinger. Mr Johnson, when contacted, tries to haggle down the price by claiming offense that Belle didn’t get evidence of kiddie porn or Yakuza connections, but LeBangs retorts that wasn’t specified as part of the deal. The full payment is rendered, along with passes for several exclusive members-only Seattle clubs and vague promises of favors from the Gianelli Family and/or the Sipple administration.

Tue, 3 Nov 2070
Hargreaves having dropped out of the race, announcing his retirement from public life, Francesca Sipple wins hands-down. Doubletree announces a 500 nuyen bonus for her, for the Hargreaves sex tape. He has also recommended her to a troll fixer called Baraka, who informs her that he’s putting a team together that needs a face…

Belletrix LeBangs: 6,500 nuyen, 4 Karma, contact: Big D, exclusive club passes, Gianelli/Sipple favor(s)

Session Two: The Game is Afoot
The team hits the streets and the 'trix to do some legwork

Friday, Nov 17 2070
International District, Downtown Seattle

Retcon/specification: Last time, Lucy’s falcon drone, Bubo, followed the surviving Yakuza hitmen (the squad leader and the wheelman) to the Cutting Edge strip joint, just outside the International District. Mansford the Manservant undergoes repairs back at Orby’s house.

Saturday, Nov 18 2070
Seattle Metroplex

Belletrix has a Matrix meet with her fansite manager, Holden Fernandez. Holden, a desk officer at Lone Star, mentions that the ‘Star might be about to lose its contract with the metroplex, and that he’s not currently seeing any big cases. Belle wants to help get him a promotion to increase her connections, and considers feeding him evidence of Aztechnology’s involvement in kidnapping technomancers. LeBangs also requests that Holden look into what happened to the stunned Yak hit squad after their detention.

Big Ben, the Crimson Crush enforcer, pays Malachi Constant a visit at his squatter dwelling. Mal says that he won’t be attending any “Seacocks” games for a while, then researches the team’s extraction target, Maria Villalobos. Her real name is Dr. Maria Santagar; see her profile for further info.

Malaclypse the Zeroth is chillin’ at his flat. Via the Matrix, he asks Malachi where Maria lives, but all Malachi can determine is that she has a fake address in Renton. Malachi checks ShadowSea, the Seattle data haven and ’runner social network, for any buzz about the technomancer emergence. He finds that several ’runners have been hired to nab technomancers for some of the corps (mainly NeoNET and Mitsuhama). The Seattle ’runners are divided on the morality of these actions. Malachi gives the anti-TM comments a thumbs-down.

Acting on Malachi’s behalf, Lucy sends a message to Petr Uvehr mentioning the encrypted data file Mal had swiped during his last job. Petr asks if she is Malachi and says that he wants to meet. Everyone but Malachi wants to meet in the real world. Some quick Matrix snooping determines that Petr has been lurking on technomancer emergence forums, and that he likes Asian pr0n. They arrange for a 6:00 meet at the Casa de Carne in Touristville. There is some debate over exactly how to approach the conversation, with some team members wanting to use his status as an Aztechnology spider to gain access codes, and others wanting to pretend to be a ’runner team looking for work kidnapping technomancers.

Touristville, Redmond Barrens – 5:30
The team arrives early at Casa de Carne, a mid-range Tex-Mex restaurant in the sleazy, rowdy AR spam-zone called Touristville. Belletrix goes there with two drones (Mansford and Cervantes) with Malachi and Lucy jumped in. Malachi is a few miles away at his apartment in The Verge. Lucy’s dragonflies are on the roof for emergency assistance. Malaclypse, having smoked some Psyke, sits at the bar pretending to have a Matrix conversation with someone he’s waiting on. A Spirit of Man helps him maintain the illusion on one of Lucy’s rotodrone while Mal-o does the other. Mal-0 notes a First Nations member with a magical aura in the corner, who Malachi suspects is a drug dealer moving in on Crimson Crush turf. Mal-0 Levitates his invisible tommy gun above Belletrix as she orders margaritas. Belle creates composite holo-clothes based on the dress of those inside.

When Petr arrives, he is dumbstruck by Belletrix’s appearance, having expected a flabby hacker. When Belle says that she’s not Malachi, Petr is about to leave, but again she mentions the file. Petr claims that he hired Malachi so that somebody would find the file and do something with it – he’s no hero, but he wanted some brave shadowrunner to expose the truth or fix the situation themselves. Malaclypse’s assensing and Belletrix’s motive sensing lead both to believe him to be honest. Belletrix, wanting a more private place to discuss their next move, so she checks him into a nearby motel and has her way with him. Malaclypse and the rotodrones hover outside the window. Afterwards, she asks him to join her porn stable.

The rest of the team trickles in, with Malaclypse giving the towel-clad dwarf a cigar. They ask him about anything he might know about the black Aztechnology facility, which Petr confirms is the same as their target facility for “Tanaka-San’s” extraction mission. He was at a conference a few weeks ago at the Aztechnology Pyramid downtown, and he met a couple of spiders there who were off the books. Malachi wants to meet the PARC spiders so he can Matrix ambush them. Petr promises to try and arrange a meet, get them codes or a blueprint, or anything else they need – but he says he’ll need 50,000 nuyen to make it worth the risk.

Downtown Core
Baraka messages the team with word that a second Johnson has gotten in touch with him for a side-mission at PARC. Malachi goes back home; everyone else goes to Club Penumbra to meet their fixer. The troll tells them that the secondary objective comes from TerraFirst!, a radical back-to-the-land organization. They take issue with PARC’s other on-site project and its treatment of animals. The ’runners will be paid 6,000 nuyen apiece if they can free the critters held at PARC and erase all data gained from research on them. Despite the possibility of complications, the team accepts the second objective.

Menlo Park, Tacoma

Lucy and Belletrix decide to physically scout out PARC. A high fence surrounds the complex, which is located in an “eco-friendly” looking office park. Some of the local buildings look underused. Flirting with an ork security guard, Belletrix gets a “tour.” Her new friend, Tommy the Ork, boasts that he’s the first line of defense, and that he likes to shoot local squatters who wander onto Aztechnology soil. Belle asks the receptionist to join her porn stable, which offends the innocent young woman. Tommy takes her then to one of the few places he can: the locker room. Three other men are in there showering, all of whom seem suddenly intent on Belletrix’s assets. Lucy sends 1 rotodrone, 8 dragonflies, and Bubo hovers outside. Malaclypse sends a watcher spirit to seek out Maria “Villalobos.” The party face may be in danger, or she may be about to pull something out of her ass…or both.

Results: second PARC mission objectives gained from TerraFirst!, contact made with Petr Uvehr, 2 Karma gained for all team members. After this game day ends, Tanaka-san allows two more days to achieve your objective.

Prologue: Lucy
A synthetic life-form upholds its moral code in the darkest of shadows

Wed, 8 Nov, 2070 – 4:00 PM
Renton Center, Renton (Seattle Metroplex, UCAS)

The metasapient AI that calls itself Lucy is going about “her” normal activities of people-watching in Renton when she receives a message from “Mr. Johnson”. She accepts the offer to meet at Club Penumbra at 7:00 to discuss a drone rigging job that will take her to Denver. Immediately after the exchange, Lucy traces the message to a soykaf joint in the Elven District of Downtown. Hacking the café’s security cameras, Lucy discovers that Johnson is a green-haired elf male in business attire. Hacking his commlink reveals that his name is Morgan Fontana, and that he is self-employed as a repo man.

Downtown Core, Seattle Metroplex

Sending her Manservant drone to Penumbra at the appointed hour (by way of hacked taxi), Lucy sees a lengthy line presided over by a brawny troll bouncer. After a few minutes, Fontana arrives as well, and Lucy decides to hack the bouncer’s commlink to enter Fontana’s name and her own onto the VIP list. Approaching Fontana and using his real name, Lucy is able to catch the Johnson off-guard. The two go inside, where a pair of green-jacketed elves give up their booth at Morgan’s behest. Negotiations begin.

Fontana’s garb has completely changed from his café attire – he is now decked out all in leather, with a spiked collar, a mohawk, and AR tattoos. Lucy can tell that he’s putting on airs. Morgan plays it straight – he is a repo man who recently tried to repossess a t-bird for some friends on the force. He was roughed up by some thugs and had to back off, but he feels that someone prepared for the situation could deal with them handily. He’s hiring a shadowrunner because he can’t afford the loss of reputation involved in failing to get the vehicle. He offers 2,000 nuyen for the job.

Lucy accepts the job. Morgan says that he managed to tag the t-bird, and provides a tracker that should detect it within a kilometer. As Morgan leaves the bar, a pair of green-and-gold clad humans get up and follow him out, jumping him on the sidewalk and punching him repeatedly in the gut. Lucy does not intervene, but the assailants have fled on their motorcycles before Morgan’s elf friends – Alan and Liam – can make it back across the street. The two humans had warned Morgan that “the Ancients had better get off Cutter turf.”

Thu, 9 Nov, 2070
CAS Sector, Front Range Free Zone (Denver)

Lucy returns her drones home and arranges for them (except her falcon bot) to be shipped to the CAS sector of Denver in the morning. There are no hang-ups in “stowing away,” and Lucy is routed to a suburban neighborhood called Inglewood, not far from the University of Denver. Having checked the real-estate classifieds, Lucy sets up shop in an empty home on which she has made generous offers, so as to fend off visitors. Some neighborhood kids spot the drones opening themselves out of the streetside package. Having set up shop, she sends out drones to scour the area. Before too long, they pinpoint the location: Klub Karma, a nightspot located in the CAS Sector’s Chinatown.

Chinatown is a far cry from Inglewood, filled with suspicious and poor ethnic Chinese rather than commuting professors and corp wageslaves. Two t-birds grace Klub Karma’s lot. Lucy contacts Fontana and receives the VIN. The first t-bird her dragonfly breaks into happens to be the correct one. After a brief inspection, it also turns out to have a refrigerated smuggling compartment under the trunk – this is filled with neatly-packed metahuman organs. Lucy commandeers the vehicle, and does the same with the other for good measure. A security hacker leaps into action, his Roman centurion icon engaging Lucy’s falcon in cybercombat. Her dragonfly in the bar attacks him, wrecking his AR gloves. She has a commlinked conversation, first with the hacker (Dino) and then with his superior, Vinnie (Vicenzo Costello). Vinnie owns Klub Karma, and is a made man within the local Mafia – perhaps notable in an area that would seem fertile Triad ground. Lucy declares that he must know something about the owner of the other t-bird, sending both cars out into the mountains. Vinnie says that Lucy should just go about her business now that she has the car she came for, but the AI insists on staying to see its “owner” and pass judgment. Vinnie warns that she may not like what she finds – the man is a member of Tamanous, the dreaded organlegger network who thought Klub Karma would be a good place to lie low.

At 5:00, Lucy talks to Vinnie again. The mob man seems just to want out of the situation and get his car back – he throws Colin McNeil, the Tamanous man, out into the street. Lucy sends Vinnie’s t-bird back to the klub and then contacts McNeil, demanding to know his mission. After some prodding, the organlegger says that there’s a man in Denver whose wife passed away, and is now looking for organs to supply several clone slugs – the man wants to create a harem of clones of his own deceased wife. Although Lucy wants to know more, McNeil cuts off communication.

Before leaving Denver, Lucy contacts Morgan Fontana again, demanding further payment due to the sensitive cargo involved. As leverage, she threatens to simply fence the stolen t-bird (having found a Denver ‘runner named Maddjack who requested a 20% finder’s fee), which would be much more lucrative than completing her contract. Fontana counters that her reputation as a ’runner hinges upon her reliability, but allows that Tamanous entanglements require special care. This nets her a third drone in the deal in addition to the promised nuyen. After all this, Lucy ends up leaving the organs at a local hospital anyhow.

Fri, 10 Nov, 2070
Everett, Seattle Metroplex
After a marathon run back to Seattle, Lucy meets Fontana and his elf thugs back at Club Penumbra. Fontana rides in the t-bird along with Lucy’s Manservant and Dobermans, while the dragonflies fly escort and the two elf thugs tail on their ‘bikes. They set out to a dockside warehouse in Everett, where they plan to meet one of Fontana’s contacts in Lone Star, the dirty cops who asked him to “repo” the car in the first place. The contact is to pay Fontana with a certified credstick, who will reward Lucy in turn. Fate has other plans. As the car pulls up, Lucy sees a red mess where four ghouls are feasting on the fresh remains of their bag man. The ghouls rush the convoy – one jumps on the t-bird’s hood while another bashes at the passenger window. A third knocks Alan off his ’bike and tries to overpower him, while the fourth stays back and continues feasting.

Lucy manages to knock one ghoul off the hood and land on it, meanwhile mowing another down with drone guns. The third punches through Morgan’s window, but is crushed when Lucy sideswipes him against the side of the warehouse. As the last ghoul flees, Lucy’s drones investigate the area, finding a Remington Roomsweeper and the credstick. The ‘Star cops paid less than promised: only 2,000 nuyen is on the stick, meaning Fontana won’t be able to keep any for himself – after all, Lucy did save his life. Lucy says that he’ll be able to fix up the t-bird and sell it for considerably more anyhow. They then travel to Fontana’s garage, where he gives her the pick of his drone collection. The next day, Lucy receives a message from Baraka, a fixer who’s heard of her recent work. He’s putting a team together, one that needs a rigger…


Lucy: 2,000 nuyen, an Aztechnology Crawler, an Evo Orderly, a C-D Dalmatian, and a Remington Roomsweeper.
+1 Street Cred, 4 Karma.

Prologue: Malaclypse the Zeroth
A mad wizard undertakes a cross-continental quest

Mon, 16 Oct 2070, 3:30
Kennard Corner, Snohomish (Seattle Metroplex, UCAS)

Discordian pope Malaclypse the Zeroth is at home “not smoking weed” when he receives a message from none other than Mr. Johnson – it simply contains a frequency to make a return video call. Mal-0 obliges. Johnson is someone that he knows – Elvish Presley, a Discordian talismonger.

Elvish trusts Malaclypse’s discretion and abilities enough to ask him to help recover a missing sustaining focus. He doesn’t quite remember what he did last night, but as best as he can remember he went to a pool hall in Everett called the Bingo Palace. Mal-0 accepts the commission to retrieve the focus – a figurine of King Kong clutching to the side of the Empire State Building – within the week. His fee is 2,000 nuyen.

Pinehurst, Everett, 4:00

Wasting no time, Mal-0 flies to the Bingo Palace. This is a somewhat dingy place filled with tobacco smoke, with a small bar at one end of the main room. Most of the patrons are physically-fit Native Americans clad in buckskins, and seem to be suspicious types. The pope, being streetwise, knows that this is First Nations turf. The Nation have recently cut ties with the Yakuza, and are currently adrift in the Seattle underworld. Nonetheless, this means they are trying hard to establish a new reputation, and are a dangerous outfit. Malaclypse casts Influence on one who sports several feathers in his hair and introduces himself. The other man calls himself Alec Littletree. Mal-0’s instruction with the spell was for Alec to treat him as a VIP, so the two go into the break room and Alec offers a hit of a new drug he calls “tempo.” This lets the user experience astral sight – a useful substance, but Alec doesn’t have much to offer just now. He does invite Mal-0 to stick around for the beer-chugging contest, which is to be followed by a tomahawk-throwing contest. The pope declines.

Mal-0 gets down to brass tacks, discreetly inquiring if Alec knows any talismongers. Alec says that just last night, two such men met at the Palace. One of them was decked out in a strange sequined jumpsuit with a half-cape and a lightning bolt down the chest – but Mal-0 knew that. Apparently a drunken Elvish got in a fight with the other talismonger, whom Alec overheard to say that he was “Bavarian.” Mal-0 takes this man’s business card.

Snohomish Center, Snohomish, 5:15

After leaving the Bingo Palace, Malaclypse calls Elvish again, asking what he was doing with a Bavarian Illuminatus (who is probably a cabbage.) Elvish, of course, is clueless. Mal-0 lands at the thief’s lorestore, which is back in Snohomish and operates from behind an antique store front. The legitimate employees claim that their boss has taken a bullet train for a weekend trip to San Francisco. Mal-0 breaks in the lorestore just to be sure, and then informs Elvish. Presley declares that they’re going after this Illuminatus, and that he’s driving. The pair hop in Elvish’s pink Cadillac and book it to Frisco.

Wed, 18 Oct: San Francisco, CalFree

The two travel through Salish-Shidhe Council lands, Tir Tairngire, and on through the California Free State until they reach San Francisco, a journey of some two days. They spend a day hitting the streets, and get the general consensus that their Illuminatus prey has been stealing all sorts of wiz gear, and is now headed to Chicago. Mal-0 lets his judgment fail him a bit, and spends an extra day in San Francisco to get well and truly drunk for a pilgrimage to the tomb of Emperor Norton.

Fri, 20 Oct

Elvish resists the urge to make a side trip to Las Vegas as they trek across Mal-0’s home nation, the Pueblo Corporate Council. The trip through the Mojave desert is grueling, and at one point an air spirit threatens the Cadillac. Elvish plots a course to enter UCAS through the Oklahoma panhandle, avoiding Sioux territory.

Tue, 24 Oct: Chicago Zone, UCAS

The Discordian duo finally arrives in the feral wasteland that once was Chicago. Using their astral sight, they are able to avoid packs of ghouls, hives of insect spirits, and cyberzombies. Elvish mentions the prospect of hazard pay.

They find the anonymous Bavarian Illuminatus wearing a cloak emblazoned with the All-Seeing Eye, gesturing over a triangular pattern of magical bric-a-brac. Mal-0 hits him with a Crush spell, shrugs off the countering Stunbolt, and finishes his opponent off. Mal-0 pulls off his opponent’s robe, and is disappointed to note that he was not a cabbage. Elvish retrieves his focus and awards Mal-0 2,500¥ for his troubles. The drive home is long, since Elvish again refuses to cross Sioux country, instead veering north into Algonkian-Manitou lands.

Mon, 30 Oct: Kennard Corner, Snohomish

Having served the Society and his cabal, Malaclypse the Zeroth is formally (for a Discordian) initiated into the Legion of Dynamic Discord as a POEE Priest.


Malaclypse the Zeroth: 2,500¥, 3 Karma, Initiation Rank 1 (Discordian), Contact: Elvish Presley (Loyalty 3/Connection 2 talismonger)

Session One: Putting the Team Together
An unlikely foursome throw in their fortunes together

Fri, 17 Nov 2070, 6:00 PM
Kennard Corner, Snohomish

Country Livin’
Malaclypse the Zeroth is relaxing at his house, playing Matrix games and “not smoking weed,” when the power goes out. This not being unusual, he and his roommate Adam (an ork druggie) don’t have a strong reaction. Nonetheless Mal-0 checks outside, and discovers that one of his Humanis-sympathizing neighbors’ pickup trucks is idling in the street. He levitates it. Hearing a cry of surprise from behind the bushes, Mal-0 is soon confronted with his shotgun-toting neighbor, who is apparently here to remind him that “his kind” isn’t welcome here. The pope pins his neighbor under his own truck, then tosses a shovelful of dirt on his face. By then it’s time to roll out: he, like the other rising stars of the Seattle shadow scene (the AI drone rigger Lucy, the attitude-filled pr0n star Belletrix LeBangs and the paranoid technomancer Malachi Constant) have been summoned to Club Penumbra, where they are to meet Baraka.

Meanwhile, Lucy has learned that her most recent Mr Johnson, the repo man Morgan Fontana, has been found dead in his apartment. She suspects that he was shot by the crooked Lone Star cops he was dealing with.

In Downtown’s International District, Belletrix has just finished shooting a scene with Jizzelle for “Skinny Lesbians Love It Massive 5.” This is the first time the two have crossed paths since their last shoot, and Jizzelle says that she’s put some thought into it, and will accept Belletrix’s offer to move in together. Belletrix grabs a bottle of water and heads to Club Penumbra.

Downtown Core – 7:00

Mister Fixer
It’s early for Club Penumbra, but it’s Flashback Friday, so the place is still fairly packed with young clubbers in their retro ’runner digs. Malachi has been on the scene since about 3:30, and has attained administrative access to all local security systems. One by one, the ’runners show up, each in their own idiom: Malaclypse flies, Lucy sends her Manservant and Falcon drones, and Belletrix _____. Malachi spoofs the identity of one of the Seattle Seahawks, and is granted easy access to the door.

Within, Baraka has occupied a large, circular corner booth. His two bodyguards, also trolls, stand vigil outside. Lucy’s attempt to hack Baraka’s commlink finds that the device is off-the-shelf (and therefore blank, yielding no data), but Malaclypse is able to cast Influence on the troll, urging him to whisper his real name in Mal-0’s ear. The fixer stands but is forcefully thrust back into his seat by his guards – he looks furious for a moment, but shakes his head and thanks them.

Once all four ’runners have seated themselves, Baraka goes on to tell them that he has heard of their unique talents, and that he is willing to operate as their fixer. He tells them his strengths, which include strong connections to datamongers, ID manufacturers, money launderers, fences, crime syndicates, and corporate Johnsons. He also has a meet lined up with them tonight, if they accept his offer. Baraka leaves the booth to give them some privacy, whispering his name to Malaclypse on the way.

After a few minutes of discussion (and educating Belletrix (who has been simsense blogging, as usual) on just what a “fixer” does), the group decides to give teamwork a shot. Baraka tells them to head to Club Equilibrium, where a prospective employer called “Tanaka-san” is waiting. Belletrix, the resident nightclub authority, says that Equilibrium is either owned by or has ties to the Yakuza.

International District, Downtown – 8:00

Taking Equilibrium

Lucy sends her Falcon ahead of the group to scout it out. Equilibrium is a converted warehouse with an all black-and-white theme (including Yin-Yangs). Several orkish bouncers guard the place, which is filled with hipsters discussing viral marketing, new commlinks, and underground music. Tanaka-san messages her as the drone enters, saying he’s at the southernmost table. This seats four Japanese men, all dressed in white, with black sunglasses and spiky hair. Three of them stand; Lucy hacks the commlink of the one who remains sitting and finds that his name is Ikaru Shotozumi. He tells her “off the record” that if she ever digs up any paydata concerning technomancers, that he and his employers at Shiawase would be interested in acquiring it.

When the rest of the fledgling team arrives, the ork doormen are agape at Belletrix. She distracts them while Malachi hacks the chemsniffer, allowing the crew to smuggle their weapons inside. Meanwhile Mal-0 has used his illusion, and looks like a dirty hipster, while Malachi looks like RoboCop. One of the bouncers tails the group once inside, but Belletrix flirts with two random clubgoers and has them run interference.

At the table, Ikaru Shotozumi relinquishes the chair, and one of the “bodyguards” reveals himself to be the actual “Tanaka-San”. He gets straight to business, saying that he works for Shiawase and that he has an extraction job that he wants done within the next three days. There is a highly secure Aztechnology facility in Seattle that has been conducting experiments on technomancers. There are two projects being undertaken in their labs, one of which involves testing the effects of various chemicals and drugs on the technomancer brain. Maria Villalobos, project manager for this team, is to be the target of the extraction. The Johnson mentions that there is another team he’s considering hiring for the job, so if they aren’t interested he can go elsewhere. He offers 30,000 nuyen, which Belletrix is able to coax up to 34,000. In the end, the team accepts the job despite Tanaka-san’s warnings of strong security.

As Tanaka-san rises to bow and go his separate way, shots ring out and two of his bodyguards go down in a hail of bullets. Half a dozen Yakuza thugs are here, and are targeting Tanaka-san’s table. The Johnson flips the table over and takes cover, shouting out that he will pay the team 5,000¥ apiece to get them out of the club alive.

Malachi hacks the Ingram Smartgun of the hit squad’s leader, ejecting his clip. Meanwhile Malaclypse hits the hitmen with a Stunball, knocking out a few nearby civilians but not downing any Yaks. Unfortunately, he is shot for his trouble, and takes a severe wound. Lucy’s Manservant is also heavily damaged. Braving gunfire, Belletrix drags Tanaka-san to the nearest interior wall, where she slashes through the flimsy drywall with her wrist blades and Tanaka-san takes shelter in the men’s room. Shotozumi guards the “door.” Lucy turns out the lights, and then sends the floor plan to Belletrix’s AR, and the porn star begins to plot a course of wall-slashing. Malachi keeps the Yakuza lieutenant’s gun inoperative while Malaclypse drops the mooks with another Stunball. Terrified, the last Yakuza standing drops his gun and flees for the door. Malachi had planted a tag visible only to technomancers so that he could track the weapon, but Belletrix now muses on the prospect of letting his arms dealer contact, Mrs. Kim, track its origin.

Mal-0 walks up to the bar and Levitates a drink to himself as the shocked bartenders look at the damage. The pope then performs first aid on himself and casts Heal for good measure. Meanwhile Lucy’s Falcon, outside, has spotted the fleeing Yakuza, who has scrambled into an unmarked van and is speeding down the street. Also pursuing the van is a Lone Star drone. Malachi hacks into it and calls off its pursuit; he also peruses its records and finds that it was used that morning in a raid on the Ork Underground, wherein it was equipped with a grenade launcher and tear-gas canisters. He commands it to report to him the next time it is so equipped.

The team departs Equilibrium, as does a grateful Tanaka-san. They stop at a NukIt Burger, where they have some cheap food with a side of post-combat analysis and bonding. Baraka messages them, saying that he’s heard of their progress, and reminds them that if they ever need a safehouse he knows of a few properties that he could develop.

Kennard Corner, Snohomish, 9:10

Malaclypse uses Levitate to fly back to his house. His neighbor and the truck are thankfully gone, but there is now a sign planted in his yard that reads “FREAKS.” Mal-0 plucks the sign out of the ground and puts it in his neighbor’s across the street.


Everyone: 5,000 nuyen and 3 Karma. Contact: Baraka (Loyalty 2 / Connection 4)

Session Three: The Wet Bandits
The crew seizes the first floor of the PARC facility

Parkview Advanced Research Complex (PARC), Menlo Park, Tacoma

Belletrix LeBangs finishes her locker room foursome she’d begun in the legwork phase, scanning the local nodes in the meantime. She finds only basic public information about Aztechnology being on the cutting edge of research on the “emerging technomancer threat.” Nonetheless, she has gained the trust of Tommy the Ork. When they’re done and cleaned up, Tommy takes her to the armory with promises of going hobo-hunting. He grabs a Defiance T-250 shotgun and gives her an Ingram Smartgun; both of them don an armor vest. One of the adjacent facilities is an abandoned Aztechnology property where Tommy likes to shoot squatters, devil rats, ghouls, or anything else that might turn up.

They take Segways to the derelict building; Lucy pursues with her Dragonflies, hacking into Belle’s smartgun for good measure. Lucy also hacks a Stormcloud surveillance blimp hovering over the neighboring Renraku complex, in case they need it for a getaway. Inside, Tommy kills two devil rats with his shotgun, and is closing in on sounds of human habitation when Belletrix feigns a gun malfunction. As he looks at it, she holds him up with his own shotgun. Unintimidated, Tommy tries to shoot Belle, but thanks to Lucy the smartgun doesn’t fire. Lucy’s Dragonfly on the ork’s back crawls up with a sinister whisper: “I can’t let you do that, Tom.” Belle handcuffs him and escorts him out with the aid of one of Lucy’s rotodrones. They send word that they need an interrogation space to Malachi Constant, who spoofs a room at The Class Reunion, an hourly motel in Touristville.

As they travel across the metroplex, team magician and pope Malaclypse the Zeroth has dispatched watcher spirits to PARC. One finds their extraction target Dr. Maria Santagar asleep on the first floor; Maria is quickly visited by a fit, swarthy man who ushers her out of the room. The other spirit finds that the labs are protected by astral wards, and that a fire spirit patrols the astral plane. Mal-0 dismisses both watcher spirits before they’re destroyed by this guardian.

Touristville, Redmond Barrens
Malachi walks back to Touristville with some Crimson Crush gangers intent on peddling BTLs on the street. Mal-0 walks over to The Class Reunion to meet him the girls, having been only a few blocks away at the other hotel with Petr Uvehr. The team gets to the business of interrogating Tommy. Malachi takes his commlink and gives it to Belletrix. Malaclypse casts Influence on the ork so that he’ll answer questions truthfully and to the best of his knowledge. His real name is Thomas Jones. Tommy says that the worst thing he’s ever done was to once accept a bribe from shadowrunners to betray Aztechnology. He also says that he lives with many of his co-workers at an Azzie-owned apartment complex back in Tacoma. Running his info reveals that he’s a 27-year old Seattleite who’s worked for The Big A since he was 17. He once held the rank of sergeant, but was demoted for insubordination.
Malachi kicks him in the balls, he headbutts Malaclypse in the balls, Malachi turns off his eyes. As a final touch, Malaclypse Influences him to rape the next higher-ranking Aztechnology employee he sees.

“Tanaka-San” messages Belletrix, wanting to know more about their entry/exit plans at PARC. He offers a safehouse if they need a place to hide after the ‘run. The team is suspicious of the Johnson’s motives, but claim they will be in touch.

Firecrest, Tacoma
Malachi, Belletrix, and Lucy go to check out the Aztechnology apartments in Tacoma while Mal-0 tortures Pete. Malachi data-searches the PARC employees. Belletrix enters, with Mal spoofing the doors. Belletrix finds an apartment with two people sexing; their commlinks are on the kitchen table. Belle turns them on, and Lucy hacks the commlinks, stealing the ‘links and smuggling them in her hair. The man is a secretary, the woman a security guard. Before leaving, Belletrix peers around the corner with her periscope to record the employees’ appearances.

Menlo Park, Tacoma – 12:00 AM, Sun Nov 19 2070
On the taxi ride back to PARC, Belletrix applies nanopaste and holoclothes to look like Tommy. Malachi gets Malaclypse a taxi to the same place. Belle calls her ID forger friend Carlos Blumenfeld to get a voice modulator. She goes into PARC with Tommy’s commlink transmitting. Lucy, who has jumped into one of the Dragonflies (all 8 are inside), is with her. On their way in, they notice several hyena-like beasts wandering the grounds. Belle picks some locks and steals two uniforms from the locker room.

Belletrix brings Malaclypse and Malachi the stolen uniforms. As a precaution, Mal-0 makes himself and Malachi invisible as they go back inside. Belle uses Tommy’s commlink to access the security cameras. About that time, the PARC spider asks “Tommy” why his cybereyes aren’t transmitting security footage, commanding him to report to the security office. Malachi threads an attack form and compiles some sprites, initiating cybercombat with the spider from the locker room. Malachi’s icon is Doctor Octopus. He quickly defeats the spider in cybercombat, rebooting his commlink and shutting him down. Lucy uses the four drones in the spider’s office to hold him hostage. Malachi hacks the security node, deleting all other access accounts and locking every door in the facility. Lucy sends forth a Dragonfly through the vents to scout out the building, but finds that the elevator is blocked off by airlock doors.

Meanwhile two security guards (the two who were in the break room), a man and a woman, are showering across the locker room from the team (still invisible and disguised). Belletrix slips across the room and tries to defeat the naked, unprepared guards in unarmed combat – despite her Eskrima training this doesn’t go very well. Malachi hacks the soap dispensers, making the guards slip. Malaclypse pitches in with a Leviation spell, but glitches and ends up only sending the soap to hit the ceiling. The team only disables their foes after Malachi shuts off the guards’ eyes.
Belletrix secures them genital-to-genital and gives the guy an erection.

Still operating from the locker room, Malachi and Lucy fight for the security node, besting three balrog IC programs. This gives Lucy her own account.
Having somehow detected the team despite Malaclypse’s masking, the patrolling fire spirit manifests in the locker room during the cyberbattle to try and kill the hackers. Reckoning that he can’t Levitate it down the shower drain, Malaclypse Influences the creature to go to Alaska.

Two guards show up to the locker room. Lucy sends the four rail-mounted gun drones to cow them, and a Dragonfly to negotiate; they shoot and destroy the small drone. She guns them down with rubber bullets, and Belletrix puts them into lockers.

Situation:At this point, the team hopes to pin their crimes on Tommy and the PARC spider, and keeps the possibility of provoking a border skirmish with Renraku in mind. They currently have the first floor on lockdown and have done a good job of controlling the amount of combat they enter into. With the fire spirit having detected them, however, the offsite mage will know of their appearance, and an Azzie fast-response team will no doubt arrive soon. If they engage the Leopard Guard, the team may find themselves overwhelmed. Meanwhile, their main objectives of extracting Maria Santagar, freeing the lab animals, and deleting the biodrone research data remain unaccomplished. Malachi would like to avoid unnecessary killing and destruction (physical or Matrix), as they have done so far, in order to avoid Aztechnology’s wrath.

Results: Gained a Defiance T-250 shotgun, 2 armor vests, and 3 PARC employee commlinks. Tanaka-san remains uncontacted. 2 Karma for everyone. Lost one Dragonfly.

Session Four: Run Amok
Our heroes complete their mission, making troubling discoveries on the way

Malaclypse heals up Malachi. The technomancer hacks Large Labs A and B, editing their files and replacing their findings on “technomancy curing” and biodrone technomancy with gobbledygook. The spider, Marco Jimenez, runs an antenna up through the ceiling; Lucy shoots him with his own rail-drones but it’s too late. He says the Leopard Guard is on the way and claims the team has about five minutes. Lucy orders him to the locker room, surrounded by the rail-drones. The guns are pointed away from him; the other employees perceive him as walking to the locker room imperiously. The team stuffs him into a locker. Malachi triggers alarms, sending employees to safe areas. He hops into a node of one of the elevator area rail-drones, gunning down the guard inside. As with all attacks so far, this is nonlethal. Lucy wants to have the hyena warforms fight for the team.

Belletrix looks like the spider; Malachi makes Tommy Jones’s ‘link broadcast as such. Lucy sends a drone through the floor. Malaclypse breaks through the astral ward. Belle picks a lock and finds an anesthetized hyena. Malachi hacks the AR painting of The Birth of Venus so that its subject has an enormous rack. Belle jacks into the room’s computer, letting Lucy go through her datajack. Lucy finds the hyena’s cyberware. Malachi enters the basement office of Maximo Gomez, Dr. Maria “Villalobos’s” managerial aide. Belle leaves the hyena’s operating room, while Lucy asks Mal-0 to make a door illusion. Malachi stands by to Hardware the door closed. Lucy, using Malacih’s crack Sprite, hacks the hyena.

As the spider Marco Jimenez, Belle approaches Maximo, saying that “he” is there to take Maria to safety. Maximo says Maria is either upstairs in her lab or office, or in the sub-basement. Malachi and Lucy provide Spanish translation.
Malaclypse drops his illusion and Influences Maximo to go to the sub-basement.

Malachi wants to split up. He goes to the lab.

As Gomez nears the stairwell (mysteriously hidden behind non-magical illusions of floor and wall), Lucy and Malaclypse spot a man sneaking upstairs. The team AI recognizes this as Colin McNeil, the Tamanous man she encountered in Denver; she promptly captures the organlegger. Colin claims he’s providing needs, and that he’s here to buy. Meanwhile, Belletrix finds the freezer, which contains the organs and limbs of metahuman children. Lucy says she’s handing Colin over to the team’s judgment. They lock him in Gomez’s office while Maximo goes to the sub-basement. As he opens the door, Mal-0 stuns him.

Malaclypse senses the presence of a humanoid across the sub-basement, adjacent to a strange astral signature the likes of which he has never seen. As with the basement, there are no significant wireless nodes here; everything is wired. Belletrix/Marco goes in first, finding a containment area, with cells filled with rabid hyena warforms. There is also an office – through its transparent wall she can see the scientist Felipe de las Casas, the other project manager. Dr De las Casas demands who he is. Even when Belle says she’s the spider, Felipe doesn’t like it. Malaclypse pre-emptively stunballs him for 8. Lucy enters the room’s ventilation with a Dragonfly; the Cyborg inside tries to hack it (it apparently is a technomancer brain inside an android body). Malachi tries to hack the Cyborg; Cyborg returns the favor, confirming its TM nature. Mal’s sprite throws out an electron storm.
Malachi, through Belle’s datajack, accesses sub-basement computer. They delete the animal research data; Belletrix backs it up. Malaclypse mind-probes Gomez.

Malachi deletes the skillsofts related to the Cyborg’s wrist-blades. A Dragonfly flies upstairs, while another escorts Colin up to the basement. Malaclypse Influences all six hyenas to view Lucy’s hyena as the alpha male.
Lucy wants to take the Cyborg along, but Malachi has reservations about her using it as a drone and drags it instead. Lucy, Colin, and the hyenas take the stairs; Mal-0, Belle, and Malachi take the elevator along with Felipe and the Cyborg. Two Leopard Guards and a mage greet them as the door opens. Colin is impaled by an obsidian-tipped spear. Lucy-hyena runs past the LGs and deploys Dragonflys into the vents. Malachi hacks the ‘link of an LG on the stairs. The LGs, both at the elevator and the stairwell, toss down gas grenades.

Lucy-Dragonfly brings Santagar out of the lab, telling her that she’s in danger from Aztechnology. Mal-0 blasts a stunball; Belle takes down one of the LGs. In return, the other hits her with his macahuitl, very nearly killing her. After his defeat the mage turns tail and casts Physical Barrier; Malachi guns him down with the rail-drones. Malachi edits Belle’s holo-armor to disguise him as the mage.

Malachi sends word to LGs with an LG link to reinforce the front door. The stair guards, separated by the wireless dampening, are directed to the sub-basement elevator. Malaclypse makes Maria invisible as she escapes through the back door with Lucy’s drones, and creates an illusion of a poorly-hidden ’runner team as a distraction. Malachi grabs Colin’s commlink, braving a trip downstairs.

Lucy-Dragonfly escorts the invisible Maria across the roof, going past an assault-rifle-toting Leopard Guard. Maria declares that she “wondered when Renraku would finally get here,” and tells them of her cranial bomb. In the parking lot, Malachi hacks Colin’s van. Lucy’s Dragonfly returns within, retrieving her hyena and the other ‘flies. The hyenas are free! She hacks the four hyenas in the pen, having them go through the facility out the back door. She says she’ll meet the team back at “base” (the hotel.) Mal-0 Influences the van’s driver to sneak inside through the back door and do a striptease – he is immediately shot by the Leopard Guard. Lucy puts the hyenas in the van. The team convinces Lucy not to crash the Stormcloud at the neighboring Renraku facility into PARC. Belletrix makes out with Maria in the back of the van as they make their getaway.

With Malaclypse Levitating them, the van flies to the hotel balcony back in Touristville, where the crew disembarks. It parks on the street. Lucy hacks a taxi, sending Tommy on a death ride with a poison-packing Dragonfly. Belletrix arranges for Big D to plant drugs on the corpse. Lucy and Malachi (jumped into Mansford and Cervantes) pick the next-door hotel room’s lock to talk to the spider Marco Jimenez; Belle points her directional mic at the wall. Malachi says that Maria framed the spider for her extraction. Felipe accepts Lucy’s offer to be Vicenzo Costello’s new spider (the Mafia club owner back in Denver). Belletrix interrogates Maria; Lucy and Malachi interrogate Felipe. Malachi puts a commlink on Felipe and hacks it with Black Hammer, giving him intense guilt and trapping him in VR. With Maria’s ‘link, Belle jumps into VR. Mal-0 mind-probes Felipe. Felipe admits that he took child technomancer brains and put them into cyborg bodies, selling the bodies to Tamanous. The abomination in the office with him was the only one that survived. Belle asks Maria what she’s been up to. She says she’s been stalling by working on animals; thought she was being taken to the Japanese Embassy. Belle isn’t sure whether Maria knows which Japanacorp she was being extracted by. The team decides to remove her cranial bomb – Lucy summons her Evo Orderly to act as Malaclypse’s operating assistant; the surgery takes him a scant hour to perform.

A quick chat with Baraka reveals that he has doubts that Tanaka-San works for Shiawase, saying that it’s probably either Renraku or the Yakuza who are his true masters. Belletrix calls Tanaka-san, telling him of a random node that Malachi has secured. During the conversation, Tanaka-san offers the Japanese Embassy in Seattle City as a safe haven, and orders them to bring Maria as soon as they can. Lucy, using Malachi’s sprites, traces the Johnson to a Downtown penthouse apartment in a complex owned by the Draco Foundation.

Malachi expresses his wish not to hack anything owned by Draco, for fear of retribution. He also refuses to bring Santagar to Renraku, despite any other factors, preferring to auction her off to other AAA corps. Belle and Lucy are in favor of delivering Santagar and fulfilling their contract, unless Renraku is demonstrably going to use her in a monstrous way. It appears as though the team has a second round of legwork to perform before their job is done.

Session Five: Out With a Bang
The gang wraps up the first mission

Touristville (Redmond Barrens) and Downtown Core
Sunday, Nov 19, 2070 – 5:00 AM

Lucy laments the fact that she can’t place one of the hyena implants into Dr. Santagar. She hacks a taxi and sends two Dragonflies to Tanaka’s apartment; Belletrix edits and uploads her most recent blog footage, also arranges for Doc Hobo to have a skin surgery operation. Lucy arrives at the apartment, finding that it’s guarded by Knight Errant.

Meanwhile she tries to infiltrate “Tanaka-San”‘s apartment. Accessing security cameras proves fruitless, and she opts not to shut off their power: instead, she nears his balcony and tries to access one of his household drones. Targeting a Manservant drone, she walks to the bedroom door, hacking past the biometric door. She finds Tanaka-san abed, wearing a gi. She turns on all three commlinks on his nightstand, reading their displays. One of them displays his name as Watanabe Tatsuo. This one shows a conversation with Ambassador Okabe Toshimoto, revealing a potentially closer relationship. Watanabe appears to be a freelance corporate lawyer, currently working for Evo. Belle, Malachi, and Lucy decide it’s okay to hand over Maria to Tanaka/Watanabe. The team (sans Lucy) decides to go to sleep – a couple of Dragonflys stay at Tanaka’s. Malachi spoofs a taxi to drive in circles as he sleeps. Belle and Malaclypse sleep at their own places. Lucy sends a Finsceal to escort the hyenas around the block; they run into two Crimson Crush gangers, who freak out and attack – but she’s able to talk them down before they fire their StreetSweepers.

International District, Downtown
Monday, Nov 20, 2070 – 12:00 PM

Belletrix wakes up at noon to find Doc Hobo, who has crashed on her couch. He has cultured her new skin in the fridge; Jizzelle thankfully has not eaten it. Belle tells him where to show up at 10:00 PM so he can see “what she gets into, and what gets into her, heheh.” Belletrix is operated on by Malaclypse, and then operates him at The Class Reunion! Meanwhile Malachi spoofs a call from the manager of The Cutting Edge to Hochi Motoori, the hit squad leader – “I’m sending a car for you. We need to talk.”
Malachi brings Hochi to The Class Reunion, then meets him there. He and Lucy interrogate, next door to Belle and Mal-0. Malachi threatens hyena-death; Lucy explains it’s not her interest to harm him. Lucy stops Malachi from having a hyena piss on Hochi. Hochi claims that Watanabe let Shiawase win a land dispute with the Yakuza in Tacoma; the team doesn’t believe him due to the lack of Shiawase info on Tanaka-san’s commlink. Malachi offers to give credit for Tanaka-san’s death; Hochi insists that he needs to know when this will happen so he won’t have an alibi.

2:00 PM
Surgery, sex, and interrogation being done, Lucy calls Vincenzo Costello. She says that Marco Jimenez, the PARC spider, needs to lie low and continue working. He’s wary of Lucy’s motives, but allows Marco to begin work on a probationary manner. The team considers shipping Marco, selling him to Aztechnology, hiring a smuggler, bribing airport officials, or other strategies. Belletrix contacts Carlos Blumenfeld, her ID forger friend, to try and facilitate the action.

The team is cutting close on time, so they decide not to try to lure out Ikaru Shotozumi beforehand. Malaclypse sends a Watcher spirit to the meeting place in Everett. He/it spots a trio of First Nations gangers dealing to a dwarf and an ork. Lucy’s sends Bubo as well. Malachi and Belletrix go there physically along with Maria. Lucy sends a separate cab with two Finsceals and two Dobermans. On the way, Belle texts Baraka about TerraFirst!

The team gets to the meet-spot early; two helicopters show up late. One is an assault model, one a transport. Malachi hacks the assault ’copter, sending a machine sprite into it. The transport chopper arrives, spewing Red Samurai onto the turf. Ikaru says that Watanabe told him to kill the team to save money, but he has come to respect them and will still pay them fully.

Belletrix patches Knight Errant into her feed. Before any negotiations can occur, Malaclypse tries to Levitate the attack chopper, failing to budge it. Belle makes Ikaru specify his terms; he says Renraku is prepared to offer an additional 10,000 nuyen for their successful framing of Aztechnology. Belle mentions the cranial bomb, for which trouble Ikaru offers another 6,000. Lucy sends Bubo to Hardware open the door open on the adjacent Brackhaven warehouse. Malachi’s machine sprite uses its gremlins power on the attack heli, which glitches, firing both its air-to-air missiles, which turn around and lock onto unknown targets. Malachi fails to hack one of the missiles. Malaclypse opts not to Levitate the missiles away, instead Influencing Malachi to drive away. Both missiles hit the attack helicopter, destroying it and killing the pilot and gunner.

Some of the Red Samurai break discipline, one seizing Belletrix while the others shoot out Maria’s taxi’s tires and suppress the rest of the team. Ikaru mans the door-gun, telling his men to stand down. Malachi’s sprite causes another glitch in the transport chopper, glitching its anti-lock countermeasures. Malaclypse Influences Ikaru to kill Watanabe when next they meet. Ikaru gets his men to stop firing. Malaclypse Influences one of the flanking team to kill Ikaru after the funeral of Watanabe, and Influences another to join Ikaru in an attempt to kill Tanaka-san. Belletrix convinces Ikaru to set her free; she goes to escort Santagar from the taxi to the helicopter. Malaclypse the Red Samurai who grabbed Belletrix to kill himself that night. After the Samurai and Santagar are back aboard the helicopter, it falls the two feet to the ground. Belle stops transmitting to Knight Errant; Lucy hacks a cab. Malachi decompiles his machine sprite, then compiles a data sprite, which tags Ikaru’s icon with a cookie that will allow his courier sprite to track his node access, communications, program interactions, etc. Malachi, using Marco Jimenez’s commlink, messages Watanabe, saying only: “Watch your back.”

Baraka takes the team to Dante’s Inferno for a celebratory party. They’ve earned a fine celebratory party.

Next time: two years pass, and the gang becomes one of the prime running teams of the Seattle shadows. Their exploits over this period, and how they deal with the changing Sixth World, will be detailed in our Intermission Session.

Intermission: World Events
Selected goings-on of the Sixth World, Nov 2070- Nov 2072

Dec 1, 2070: Technomancer Registration Bill passed into law; the Coptic Pope declares sanctuary to technomancers who are “People of the Book.” Cairo becomes a haven.

Dec 5, the Japanese Diet requires all children be tested for technomancy, and Empress Hitomi establishes a school for young and latent technomancers.

Dec 25, 2070: French military units begin a multi-prong invasion of SOX (Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg, jointly administered by a corporate administrative council).

Jan 5, 2071: In Brussels, the NEEC passes mandatory registration and testing of technomancers.

Jan 15, 2071: The Corporate Court rules that the question of AI sapience and rights must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Feb 2, 2071: Pueblo Corporate Council begins offering SINs to AIs; Evo and Horizon follow suit within days.

Feb 12, 2071: A new drug called tempo or flipside hits streets worldwide. Inventories and demand skyrocket, sparking an underworld war and rushed legislation as governments attempt to control drug-related crime sprees and underworld unrest. The First Nations and their allies are at the forefront – the syndicates and their ganger cronies like the Blood Mountain Boys and the Night Hunters all get involved. The Nation takes heavy losses fighting their former Yakuza bosses, but earns the rep they always wanted. They establish a chapter in Vancouver.

Mar 1, 2071: second major clash between First Nations and Crimson Crush in Touristville – 6 dead and a Crimson safehouse burned down. Odd since First Nations have kept their heads down since cutting ties with the Yakuza. It’s also Dogmen turf, a smuggling outfit for whom the Nation has been providing security for a while.

Apr 20, 2071: NEEC imposes severe sanctions against France for their attack on SOX corp facilities. France remains silent regarding their casus bellum.
After months of gang warfare in Seattle, Lone Star cracks down on the tempo trade. A tense truce follows. Finally, Gray-Wolf of the Komun’go Seoulpa Ring approaches Blood-of-the-Buffalo (chief of the First Nations) and proposes alliance between themselves and the Dogmen. The new underworld powerhouse goes to full-out war with the Yakuza as Lone Star and the FBI fecklessly try to intervene. The Mafia strike a truce with the Komun’go. Meanwhile the Triads continue to clash among themselves (Black Chrysanthemum vs the Smoke Circle) the Vory manage to make some presence felt.

Jun 23, 2071: A march on the City of London led by Pendragon results in the peaceful dissolution of the Office of Lord Protector.

Jul 1, 2071: United Nations Initiative on Awakened Issues releases a 4,600-page “Sapience Report” in preparation for a vote on sapient non-metahuman rights.

Nov 20, 2071: Interpol and affiliated agencies, with Corporate Court blessings and backed by Aztechnology military (and secretly, the Aztlaner David Cartel), execute strikes on drug cartel assets in South America, in several nations including Amazonia and in the free cities of Bogota and Caracas. The Olaya Cartel is shattered and Graciela Riveros’s – the creator of tempo – labs are destroyed and she is killed. Azzie popularity soars as a result of their decisive action. Meanwhile Aztechnology begins to sell it to their own employees, having discovered its secret: that long-term tempo use creates a dream pact between the user and the spirits that create the drug. This allows the spirit to possess the addict any time they are asleep or at the peak of a drug high.

Feb 5, 2072: Winter Olympics begin in Denver. Aztlan athletes are prohibited from competing or even entering the city by ZDF forces.

Mar 15, 2072: Gov Brackhaven chooses not to re-instate Lone Star’s Metroplex Law Enforcement contract, citing poor performance during the tempo crisis of 2071. After a bidding process, Knight Errant is awarded the new contract (big surprise, given Ares’ support for Brackhaven), although Lone Star retains many private contracts as well as control of the penal system.

May 10, 2072: In a closed-door session, the UN Security Council overturns the Sapient Non-Metahuman Rights Accord. Protests from several Awakened nations – including Amazonia, both Tirs and Yakut – are vehement.

Nov 8: Incumbent Angela Colloton (Republican) is re-elected as UCAS president. Ramsay McMalkin of the Technocrat party wins the CAS presidency.

Late 2072: With tensions lingering from their proxy war over tempo between the David Cartel and the Ghost Cartels, Aztlan invades Amazonia. Shadowrunners and other mercenaries flock to Bogotá hoping to pick up a contract. Amazonia hires Horizon to combat Aztechnology’s PR department.


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