Stolen Document #2

RCS Test Subject Dossier


This file was included with the memo. As with the other, the key to remove the redaction was not included, and the team was eliminated before it could be retrieved.


For Internal Use Only

Test Subject RCS-1558//SEA/160
Name: Jerreth Bain
DOB: 04/13/38
Classification: Metahuman, Dwarf, 1st-Gen Otaku, currently inactive (edited 08/08/68 currently ACTIVE)

03/11/68 – Subject RCS-1558//SEA/160 (hereafter referred to as “subject”) acquired via live bounty (ref: Project <redacted>) paid to Igor Loch (UNREGISTERED, Seattle area ganger). Initial interviews revealed that subject had been an unregistered technomancer prior to Crash 2.0 who had faded as normal by his 18th birthday. Subject admitted involvement in substantial minor matrix crime circa 2054 but has been inactive since fading.

03/20/68 – Subject assigned to test group DELTA-8.

08/08/68 – Subject responded unexpectedly to drug therapy course <redacted>. Recorded a significant spike in resonance activity. Changing status to ACTIVE.

11/10/68 – Subject able to consciously compile a resonance sprite.

05/02/69 – Subject discovered to be in contact with facility control AI. Connection severed, subject severely disciplined. Transferring from test level to solitary level.

06/02/69 – Subject returned to test level. Appears to have undergone significant fading during isolation from resonance, recommend deep immersion to restore abilities.

06/17/69 – Deep immersion course appears to be unsuccessful. Subject remains subject to fading, has been unable to compile a sprite since returning to test area. Subject has been deemed to valuable to risk currently, removing from test level and relocating in minimum security level for rest course.

09/17/69 – Rest course completed. Initial tests indicate fading process not stopped, suspect external force is drawing on subject’s resonance, will conduct tests to investigate.

12/4/69 – Security breach in test level, subject disappeared from facility <redacted>. Forwarding dossier to <redacted>.

12/8/69 – Per RCS Policy <redacted> all personnel known to have contact with subject RCS-1558//SEA/160 have been eliminated. This file is being classified RCS-Ultrablack, Internal Use Only. Further information on subject should be referred to target dossier <redacted>]

Stolen Document #2

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