Stolen Document #1

Interesting RCS Internal Communications


This memo was lifted off a very secure server recently by a team of ’runners, and sold at auction. The team in question was killed before they could deliver the code to remove the redaction.


Eyes Only
From: <redacted>
To: <redacted>
December 29, 2069

Regarding your handling of the situation detailed in incident report <redacted>, we have ruled that you did not act excessively in ordering a burn operation in response to the escape of test subject <redacted>. We trust your judgement that there was no further information to be gained on how this escape was possible prior to ordering the burn op, and we are satisfied with the amount of data recovered prior.

It is a pity the test subjects had to be left behind, however, we agree with your assessment that further escapes would have been possible and we could not risk discovery of this test facility or exposure of the data we have gained. To that end, we have agreed to your recommendation to release the identity of the escaped subject to the Corporate Court (Real name <redacted>, SIN <redacted>) and charge him as a terrorist complicit in the bombing of the facility. This should poison his testimony should he decide to come forward with accusations against us.

At this time, however, the subject appears to have gone to ground in <redacted>, and has no desire to surface. Unless that changes, there is little profit and too much risk in going after him directly and we will be implementing only surveillance measures.]

Stolen Document #1

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