Fellowship of the Intergalactic Haitian Guerrillas for World Peace (Snohomish Cabal)

A Discordian chapterhouse and flophouse


Overall lifestyle: Low

Points allowed: 10

Comfort: Low (2)
Entertainment: Squatter (1)
Necessities: Mid (3)
Neighborhood: Low (2)
Security: Low (2)

Roommates: 4

Aspected Domain (Discordian) +5
Easy-Going Landlord +1
Homegrown Farming +1
Perfect Roommate +2
Privacy Screen (Astral) +2
Privacy Screen (Physical) +2
Quiet Neighborhood +1
Workplace +1

Black Hole -2
Crash Pad -1
Defective CHN -1
Haunted -4
Household Gremlins -1
Living By Committee -2
Network Bottleneck -1
No Forwarding Address -1
Nosy Neighbors -2


The home of Malaclypse the Zeroth this Discordian commune sits on a sleepy road north of the Kennard Corner area of Snohomish. Buildings are slightly dilapidated, as are the roads and general infrastructure. Power and water are rationed, but the land is fertile thanks to a combination of volcanic ash and irrigation from a passing stream, and Milo uses this to grow apples, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, snap beans, various herbs, and a couple of cherry trees. Rows of berry bushes around the property double as a visual obstruction. A cow (Golden Chao) provides milk, and a few chickens produce eggs. The Discordian Society owns about 5 acres between the road and the stream, with their nearest neighbors a hundred meters away. These are gossipy salt-of-the-earth types with Humanis sympathies, unfortunately for Mal-0 and his roommates. They will try to make life hard for the Discordians, whom they do not trust.

A wooden sign with real paint proclaims the property to house the Fellowship of the Intergalactic Haitian Guerrillas for World Peace (Snohomish Chapter.) The house itself is a two-story brick affair with an attached two-car garage. Ms Portinari and Milo lease a Honda Spirit (a sleek three-wheeled 2-seater), and Adam owns a slightly modified Thundercloud Contrail motorbike. Some light farming equipment is also found in here. Maglocks (Rating 2) protect the doors, while screamer alarms ward the windows. Milo’s dog Sirius is known to bark at strangers. A Lone Star subcontractor provides neighborhood security (Professional Rating 1; response can be expected within 10-20 minutes.)

The chapterhouse is comfortable and cozy. Utilities (other than Matrix coverage) are stable, only suffering occasional peak-usage brownouts. The main floor is 200 square meters with three bedrooms and a bathroom. The living area is furnished with two mismatched couches, which are often used as beds by temporary roommates, drifters, druggies, and other loafers. The kitchen is well-stocked with real locally-grown food supplemented by a multifunction soy processor and several bottles of wine. The house appliances are centrally (and eccentrically) controlled, including a dishwasher and a glitch-prone secondhand cleaning drone. Cheap AR paints adorn the walls. A 30 square meter basement contains a laundry machine and a cache of bottled water in case of emergency.

The upstairs loft, about 100 meters square, houses the chapter’s magical lodge. Drugs, incense, conspiracy theory tracts, occult books and other artifacts litter the area. This functions as a site for religious ceremony, magical rituals, and (inadvertently, due to a past glitched ritual) an entryway to this world for the occasional spirit. A hammock is strung up here to allow for meditation; Mal-0 often sleeps here.

Mal-0’s room contains a complete bed and little else apart from gear useful for shadowrunning and magical tasks. His window faces the backyard. A bag of jelly babies sits on his dresser.


Adam “Weishaupt,” a lazy non-Discordian pothead. Works part-time at the Coliseum.

Coin, a female elven neophyte, young and earnest. Follower of Zarathud the Incorrigible. Runaway from Tir Tairngire. Works two jobs: at an antique shop on First Street and at Elven River Tours. Probably a cabbage anyway, according to Mal-0.

Ms Portinari, an elven mome. Follower of Patamunzo Lingananda. Owns a small lorestore in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Has connections there and in the University District. Fairly active in the underground music and radical leftist scenes; is rarely home. Married to Milo.

Milo Korzybski, a new age retro hippie. Follower of Sri Syadasti. After years of drifting settled down with Ms Portinari to found this commune. She tends to her lorestore while he farms, fixes things up, and generally keeps the place running. Goes to his wife’s lorestore to help out when she needs him or when he’s done with his house chores. During the harvest seasons, he goes to local farmer’s markets to peddle his wares.

Horizon LeafMan: a mid-size drone, with four wheels and multiple attachments. An all-in-one yard and garden maintenance drone. Functions include lawn-mowing, edging, leaf collection, and weed identification and eradication. It comes with mulching capabilities and has been touted as an “eco-friendly” yard drone.
Standard Upgrades: Holding Tanks (5 liters), Autosofts (Gardening 3, Pest Control 1), Special Machinery (lawnmower, clippers, sprayers)
Size: Medium – Acceleration: 3/10 – Speed: 10 – Device Rating: 3 – Pilot: 3 – Body: 2 – Arm: 1 – Sens: 3

Honda Spirit – Handling: +1 – Accel 10/20 – Speed: 80 – Pilot: 1 – Body: 8 – Armor: 6 – Sensor: 1

Thundercloud Contrail – Handling: +1 – Accel 20/40 – Speed: 180 – Pilot: 1 – Body: 6 – Armor: 4 – Sensor: 1. Amenities: Squatter (double passengers). Extra gas tank. Engine customization: acceleration. Nitrous injection. Manual Control Override: Drive-By-Wire. Pimped Ride level 1. Personal armor level 1.

Fellowship of the Intergalactic Haitian Guerrillas for World Peace (Snohomish Cabal)

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