Orby's House

The middle-class dwelling of a freelance computer engineer, inhabited by a shadowrunning AI


Overall lifestlye: Mid

Points allowed: 15

Comforts: Mid (3)
Entertainment: Low (2)
Necessities: Mid (3)
Neighborhood: Mid (3)
Security: Mid (3)

Inconspicuous Housing +2
This Isn’t Big Bob’s Autos -1


Located on the outskirts of Renton Center, this small, prefabricated house looks identical to the dozens of others on its suburban side street off Puget Sound Drive. Close to the highway, there are several shops, but the actual neighborhood is almost entirely houses, with the occasional condoplex or restaurant. There is a park within walking distance. Utilities and wireless are up 24/7. All metahumans are required to broadcast their SIN and ID.

The one-story, 100-square meter unit boasts a small yard with a patio. An attached garage has space for two cars (although Orby only owns a Horseman PMV; see below). Orby’s place is filled with comfortable furniture, including a full bedroom set and a matching living room set. There is a full subscription to a virtual wallspace program with virtual weather and windows. One living room alcove features his collection of ____. The kitchen houses a multi-function soy processor, which produces food that tastes almost real.

A Panicbutton system is in place to contact Lone Star or other emergency services. The response squad is Professional Rating 3; they patrol the neighborhood at all times (response time is less than 5 minutes). Security drones keep watch over the street. Biometric maglocks with anti-tamper technology are on all doors (Rating 3). Smoke detectors are in place throughout the house.

Daiatsu-Caterpillar Horseman

This PMV has two modes: road and walk. In road mode, the vehicle is slightly taller than a motorcycle, with the driver enclosed in a bubble canopy. In walk mode, the wheels move closer together, bringing the driver into a sitting position and the whole PMV upright to slightly taller than the average human, allowing it to travel on sidewalks, enter cargo elevators, and park in a space a third the size of a normal car. Some people choose to venture outdoors only in the safety of a Horseman, and almost never leave its safety. This trend is supported by several modules that expand the Horseman’s capabilities, along with a new crop of stores that market themselves as PMV-friendly. Orby has bought the advanced cargo module, which affords nearly the space of a car trunk, as well as two mechanical manipulator arms.
Base stats: Handling +1 – Accel 10/20 – Speed: 80 – Pilot: 1 – Body: 4 – Armor: 4 – Sensor: 1
w/advanced cargo module: Handling +1 – Accel: 10/20 – Speed: 75 – Pilot: 1 – Body: 6 – Armor: 4 – Sensor: 2


Horizon HandyMan
A mechanic assistant bot with plug-and-play modular tool interfaces. Standard toolkits include auto shop, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and carpentry. Specialty toolkits can be bought for home hobbyists.
Standard upgrades: Autosofts (any Build/Repair, all Rating 3), Tool Kit, Mechanical Arms (Strength 4).
Size: Medium – Accel 5/15 – Speed: 15 – Device Rating: 3 – Pilot: 3 – Body: 3 – Arm: 2 – Sens: 3

A compact cleaning drone with two caterpillar tracks vacuums, wet/dry sweeps, polishes and shampoos an extensive variety of floorings. Sensors in the drone analyze floor composition and condition to provide optimal cleaning results.
Standard Upgrades: Holding Tanks (Cleaning Solution), Extended Arms
Size: Small – Accel: 5/15 – Speed: 15 – Device Rating: 2 – Pilot: 1 – Body: 2 – Arm: 0 – Sens: 2

Horizon LeafMan: a mid-size drone, with four wheels and multiple attachments. An all-in-one yard and garden maintenance drone. Functions include lawn-mowing, edging, leaf collection, and weed identification and eradication. It comes with mulching capabilities and has been touted as an “eco-friendly” yard drone.
Standard Upgrades: Holding Tanks (5 liters), Autosofts (Gardening 3, Pest Control 1), Special Machinery (lawnmower, clippers, sprayers)
Size: Medium – Acceleration: 3/10 – Speed: 10 – Device Rating: 3 – Pilot: 3 – Body: 2 – Arm: 1 – Sens: 3

Drone Pet

Orby's House

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