Mal's Pad

Malachi Constant's filthy hovel in the Barrens


Points: 5 out of 5 allowed

Comfort: Squatter (1 LP)
Entertainment: Squatter (1 LP)
Necessities: Low (2 LP)
Neigborhood: Low (2 LP)
Security: Low (2 LP)

Free Access: +1 (The node at Aces; +2 threshold for all Trace tests against Mal when hacking from home)
Green Plan -1 (No extra power for electric cars, drones, a home network, etc.)
Lax Security -2 (Crimson Crush is indifferent to Mal’s Pad, and are usually distracted by their own business, granting +1 Security threshold for Perception and Analyze tests to detect intruders.)
Trigger-Happy Landlord -1 (Mal’s slumlord has no patience for him and the various problems he may bring home.
Worse neighbors: -1 (A ghoul, a drug dealer, gangers…)


The current home of Malachi Constant, located at 142nd St and 130th Ave in The Verge neighborhood of the Redmond Barrens across the street from The Scumpit, the hangout of the Crimson Crush gang. The building itself is covered in volcanic ash, but at least the street lights out front work most of the time. Mal’s second-floor street-side room is small and sparsely furnished. A bare old mattress sits in the back corner next to a pile of dirty laundry. A large wooden spool serves as a table, flanked by a stolen rusty chair. This is where Mal takes a daily meal of unflavored soy. A cracked window can be opened to access a small ledge, where he collects acid rain to drink. Behind a loose block of masonry is hidden a small box with a padlock on it to hold any valuables. This and the mechanical lock on the door have a Device Rating of 1.

The Crimson Crush have illegally siphoned off some electricity and water from the grid and provide them to the squatters, although both are strictly rationed. Gang members receive preferential treatment in the neo-feudalistic society of the Barrens. A flickering light and a small space heater can be operated for a few hours a day if needed; a flashlight sits on the spool/table for when the ceiling light can’t be used. Due to The Verge’s relative proximity to Touristville, the apartment does have access to the Matrix, unlike much of Redmond. The apartment residents leech off of the node at Aces, an Ares DoCoMo (Response 1, Signal 2, System 1, Firewall 2 with no IC.)

Mal’s Pad is located on the corner of the building, next to the fire escape and one of the communal bathrooms. There’s an elevator down the hall, but it’s currently out of order. The floor has a communal kitchen and a utility room in the middle of the hall across from the elevator; anything that once worked here has been scavenged.

Other residents in Mal’s building include drug dealers, ganger wannabes, and low-class whores, but are mostly desperate groups of squatters. There is a fairly large number of orks and trolls among them. Many are addicted to BTLs, drugs, or alcohol, and some have sold organs or limbs just to survive. An intelligent ghoul called Rotmouth lives in the room next door, who is used by the gang to control vermin in the basement and sometimes to dispose of bodies.

Mal's Pad

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