Vicenzo Costello

A Denver mob underboss with an AI problem


Vicenzo runs Klub Karma, a nightclub in Denver’s Chinatown (CAS District.) He reports to the Casquilho Family. His cousin is Dean Costello, one of the seven capos. He was running a smooth operation until the intervention of Lucy into his business while she was on a car repo run that turned into an investigation of Tamanous and Mafia activity. Seeing Lucy’s capabilities demonstrated on his hacker Dino, Vinnie distanced himself from the Tamanous man Colin McNeil. Since she allowed Vicenzo’s prize t-bird to go unscathed, Vicenzo withdrew from going to war with the AI, and they have maintained a civil if distant relationship. More recently, Lucy has sent Marco Jimenez, the abducted (and framed) PARC spider, to work in one of Vinnie’s lesser holdings as a probationary employee.

ELI: If you wish, you can decide how Vicenzo and Marco’s relationship has progressed (as well as their links with Lucy) in the two year gap. The Casquilho Family and Denver in general are detailed in Spy Games.

Vicenzo Costello

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