Petr Uvehr

An Azzie spider who hired Malachi Constant as a penetration tester


A dwarven spider (security rigger/hacker) working at an Aztechnology logistics center in the Redmond Barrens. On Mon, 23 Oct 2070, Petr hired the technomancer Malachi Constant as a penetration tester. Mal’s job was to break through Petr’s virtual defenses, thereby showing this “Mr Johnson” the weak points in his facility’s Matrix defenses. Mal accomplished his mission, retrieving the target paydata, although he also stumbled across an encrypted file cataloging Aztechnology’s illegal experimentation upon unwilling technomancers. Uvehr followed through with his payment, leaving a certified credstick for Constant to retrieve.

While preparing for a run against Aztechnology’s PARC facility in Tacoma, the team’s legwork focused on contacting Uvehr. It turns out that he had planted the encrypted file that Malachi had happened upon, hoping that the ‘runners would do something about it. He isn’t especially well-placed to help, but will do what he can, within reason.

According to Belletrix LeBangs, who knows these kinds of things, Petr’s peter is slightly above average. Proportionally speaking.

Petr Uvehr

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