A troll warrior-shaman seeking to avenge his tribe

The Orphaner

Metatype: Troll
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Native American
Citizenship: None


Body: 7
Agility: 4
Reaction: 4
Strength: 8 (11 in Armor)
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 1
Logic: 2
Willpower: 5
Magic: 6
Edge: 2

Essence: 6

Initiative: 5 (2 passes)

Physical damage track: 12
Stun damage track: 11

Active Skills

Blades 5 (9)

  • Specialization: Combat Axes

Spellcasting 5 (9)
Athletics group 1 [Climbing (10), Running (10), Swimming (10), Gymnastics (5)]
Conjuring group 3 (7) [Banishing, Binding, Summoning]

Knowledge Skills

Thermographic Vision
+1 Melee Reach
+1 Natural Armor
Mystic Adept
Sensitive System
Simsense Vertigo
Astral Beacon
Allergy (Mild, Silver)

Spells Known

Ice Sheet
Improved Invisibility
Resist Pain

Adept Powers

Improved Reflexes I
Boost Agi II


Combat Axe (weapon focus, rating 6)
Fake SIN (rating 2)
Stone ring (power focus, rating 5)
Heavy MilSpec Armor

  • Chemical Seal
  • Environmental Adaptation
  • Fire Resistance 6
  • Insulation 6
  • Nonconductivity 6
  • Improved Strength 3
  • Quick Release System (manual)
  • Gel Packs

MilSpec Helmet (rating 5)

  • Low Light Vision
  • Vision Enhancement 3
  • Audio Enhancement 3

The Orphaner is something of an urban legend among Seattle area ’runners and gangers – a troll ’runner who has been operating for longer than most of them have been alive. Rumored to take any job, no matter how dirty, and always complete them with maximum kill count. Loyal only to money, recognizable by his distinctive custom axe (which has urban legends of its own).

In truth, there have been several Orphaners across the sixth age. They are always trolls, and the current one is always chosen by their predecessor and trained or tested to prove their worth. When one retires, he passes on the custom axe, a highly enchanted weapon focus, to his successor, who eventually chooses a successor and the tradition continues.

The current Orphaner is a shamanistic mystic adept named Dualscar for the distinctive twin scars on his face he gained during a ritual. He grew up with a small tribe that helped him master his mystic abilities, but his impressive physical capabilities drew the attention of the previous Orphaner, who slaughtered his tribe during his final vision quest.

When Dualscar returned to his tribe’s land he found a large combat axe, a cheap commlink with a fake ID, and a note apparently written in blood: “Come find me in Seattle if you want revenge. -Orphaner”


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