Morgan Fontana

A down-and-out repo man




A self-employed repo man who ran into some thugs in early November 2070, who prevented him from retrieving a t-bird. Hired a drone rigging AI called Lucy to salvage his reputation by chasing the car down to Denver. During the meet at Club Penumbra, Lucy noted that he had changed out of his wageslave suit in favor of a stereotypical shadowrunner outfit – leather vest, spiked collar, mohawk, the works. He also was in the company of two green-jacketed elf ruffians.

During Lucy’s mission, she contacted him several times for job-related information, which he always came through on. The final time was to threaten him with the prospect of fencing the t-bird rather than completing her job, forcing him to increase his payment. Back in Seattle, the two went to Everett to meet Fontana’s dirty Lone Star contact who had ordered the job in the first place. Finding him dead at the hands of a pack of ghouls, Morgan was nearly killed by one of the creatures before Lucy saved him and his thugs. He rewarded her, as promised, with 2,000 nuyen and three drones. Lucy suggested that he fix up and sell the t-bird to make a profit from this situation.

A few days after the botched payment meet, Morgan was found murdered in his home. He was shot twice in the chest, once in the head – apparently the work of a professional shooter. Lucy suspects that he was bumped off by the corrupt Lone Star cops, who were no doubt displeased by his fencing “their” t-bird, and who likely thought he was behind the death of their friend in the alley.

Morgan Fontana

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