A young synthetic intelligence, "born" in a nurturing node and constructing a philosophy to understand the harshness of the "real" world


Metaype: AI
Citizenship: None


Charisma 4
Intuition 4
Logic 4
Willpower 4
Edge 3

Initiative passes:
Matrix initiative:

Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 10

Active Skills

-Pilot aircraft: 5
-Pilot Groundcraft: 5
-Pilot Anthroform: 5
-Electronic Skill Group: 4 (40bp)
-Mechanic Skill Group: 2 (20 bp)
-Cracking Skill Group: 4 (20bp)
-Perception: 5
-negotiation: 2

Knowledge Skills

-Computer Background 6
-Corporate Security Tactics 2
-Lone Star Procedure 4
-Security Software 6
-Operating Systems 2

Japanese: 2
German: 2
English: N

-First Impression
-Drone Pilot
-Code Flux
-Unarmed Combat
-Exotic Melee Weapons


Pro-User Program Suite
Armor: 3
Track: 3
Exploit: 4
Spoof: 3
Sniffer: 2
Blackhammer : 2

Clearsight 4; Defense 4; Electronic Warfare 4; Maneuver (Aircraft) 4; Maneuver (Ground Craft) 4; Targeting (Heavy Weapons) 4; Targeting (Automatics) 4

Inherent Programs: (Level inherent to rating)

Nissan Roto-Drone +weapon mount
Nissan Doberman +weapon mount +Ares MP-LMG
Nissan Doberman +weapon mount +Ares Desert Fox
x7 Dragonfly
x2 Eirrann-Tirr Finsceal +weapon mount +Ares MP-LMG
Bubo: Falcon Robot (Entertainment Systems)
X2 Servant Bots (Renraku Manservant-3)
Aztechnology Crawler
Evo Orderly

-Low lifestyle, 1 month

-Orbison Wozring (“Orbie”)


In the year 2060, the video recorder on a drone is turned on. A red light glows, and inside the drone’s processors, software begins to analyze the images compiled within temporary folders. A face is identified, studied, and recorded. The mouth moves, audio occurs, and words are interpreted by another set of programs.


Voice: Hello, Lucy.
Voice: Now you say “hello.”
Drone: Hello.
Voice: My name is Orbison Wozring. You can call me “Orbie.”
Drone: Orbie.
Orbie: <laughing> That’s good. We call you “Lucy.”
Lucy: Lucy.
Orbie: Good job. Now lets go meet the rest of your family. Follow me.
Orbie: Lucy, this is Ada. She helped build your language processes. She taught you to speak. Say hello.
Lucy: Hello, Ada.
Ada: Hello, Lucy. It is a pleasure to meet you. How are you feeling today?
Lucy: Everything is fine.
Orbie: <laughing> Very good, Lucy. Let’s keep going. Watch your step. There you go.
Orbie: This is William. He runs the entire Software Assistance lab. That’s where we are. This is where you were made.
Lucy: Hello, William.
William: Hello, Lucy. What do you think of this lab?
Lucy: Most of the things in here are much taller than me.
William: You know, that’s true. We’ll either have to introduce you to some other drones, or we’ll have to make you a taller body.
Orbie: Lucy, in this next room is Melinda. She’s going to help you plug back into some of the lab’s machines to run some tests. We’ll meet everyone else when you are done.



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