Elvish Presley

An Elvis-impersonating Discordian talismonger


Loyalty 3 / Connection 2 Talismonger

Relevant PC: Malaclypse the Zeroth

B: 3 – A:4 – R: 4 – S: 2 – C: 4 – I: 4 – L:4 – W: 3 – Edg 3 – Ess 6 – M 4 – Init 7 (1 pass)

Skills: Arcana 4, Artisan 3, Assensing 3, Enchanting 4, Conjuring skill group 3, Etiquette 2 (Magical 4), Negotiation 4, Perception 2, Sorcery skill group 3

Knowledge: Botany 3, Discordian "Cat"ma 1, Early Rockers 4, Magical Locations 4, Magical Talismans 5, Parazoology 4, Seattle Lore Stores 3

Gear: Car pimped out to look like Elvis Presley’s pink Cadillac (with enchanting, alchemy, etc. kits in the trunk). Several hits of deepweed, red mescaline, or other wiz drugs. Various magical fetishes and foci.


A member of the Elvis Is King Kong sect of Discordianism. Originally from Portland in Tir Tairngire, he moved to Seattle to live in the big city when he was about 20. There, he became a musician and was nearly drawn into a life of drugs and despondency before he was introduced to Discordianism …which did not necessarily save him. Does not own his own lorestore, but is an enchanter and talismonger/legger of some repute. Lives in Downtown’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. He spends a lot of time there as well as the University District, and sometimes makes sojourns out to Snohomish or into Salish-Shidhe territory to buy or sell talismans. He is also part of a band called The Elvish Impersonators, an all-elf group that each specialize in portraying a particular era of The King’s life: Elvish specializes in the Las Vegas period.

As a contact, he can perform many services. He knows how to get in touch with smugglers, and can help get around ID checks for spell formulae, foci, fetishes, ritual goods, andenchanting gear, or can help fence any of the same. Parazoological specimens also interest him, along with telesma. Spending time as he does in the Awakened community, Elvish knows all of Seattle’s latest magical rumors, and can put you in touch with a shaman or mage if you need a hand with some field work. This also applies to certain musical circles. As a skilled enchanter, he also offers custom work.

Elvish Presley

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