A rogue AI, hiding in the Matrix


CHA:5 – INT: 4 – LOG: 4 – WIL: 5 – EDG: 4 – Matrix INIT: 8 (3 passes)

Skills: Cracking skill group 5, Electronics skill group 5 (add social skills?)

Knowledge: Corporate Facilities 4, Hidden Nodes 4, Resonance Realms 4, Sprites 4, Technomancers 4
(4 unspent)

Programs: Analyze 5, Armor 4, Browse 4, Command 4, Edit 4, Exploit 4, Homeground 4, Reality Filter 4, Stealth 4

Qualities: Authority, Code Flux, Fragmentation, Real World Naivete, Redundancy, Rootkit, Sapper


Ebisu was one of several fledgling AIs that developed following Crash 2.0. He was contained within a disconnected LAN and set to run the black Renraku Computer Systems testing facility “Blue Wind”. Proximity to numerous Wild and Emerging Technomancers caused Ebisu to become Resonance-sensitive, forming a mild empathetic link with some of the Technomancers at “Blue Wind”.

He formed and executed a plan with Malachi Constant that allowed both of them to escape “Blue Wind”. In the process, he physically severed part of himself, leaving behind memory cores containing all classified Renraku data he had access to so that RCS would have less incentive to hunt him down.

Rather than seek asylum with another MegaCorp or governing body, Ebisu has gone into hiding in the Matrix itself, descending to the Resonance Realms. Despite his disconnect with global politics and economics, he is still a valuable source of information on the Matrix and even on Technomancers. He may even be able to put a fellow in contact with a wild Sprite or submerged Technomancer.


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