Dr. Maria Santagar

An Aztechnology biochemist working at the PARC facility


B:2-A:2-R:2-S:2-C:2-I:5-L:5-W:3-Edg:2-Ess 5.9-Init 7 (1 pass)

Skills: Computer 3, Chemistry 4, Data Search 4, Hardware 3, Instruction 2, Perception 4, Software 3

Knowledge: Aztlan Culture 3, Biochemical Warfare 4, Biodrones 2 (Warforms 4), Corporate Law 2, Medical Advances 3, Seattle Health Clubs 3, Seattle Medical Community 2, SOTA Technology 5, Technomancers 4

Languages: Spanish (N), English

As a contact, Maria is primarily useful for her scientific and corporate knowledge. Aside from inside info on Aztechnology (and maybe Renraku), she can be tapped for the practical applications of chemistry: creating drugs, poisons, and explosives.


Current Alias: Maria Villalobos
Citizenship: Dual Aztlan/Aztechnology

Born in Corpus Christi, Maria is a graduate of the University of Tenochtitlan. She has been working for Aztechnology since then (about ten years.) Currently she is one of two project managers at the Parkview Advanced Research Complex (PARC) in Tacoma.

Dr. Maria Santagar

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