Dan Harrigan

A one-armed, ex-Lone Star good-cop turned private eye


Connection 2 / Loyalty 2

Relevant PC: Lucy

B:4-A:45-R:46-S:3-C:4-I:5-L:3-W:4-Ess 4.3-Init 911(1 pass)

Condition Monitor Boxes: 11

Skills: Close Combat Skill group 4, Infiltration 2, Intimidation 3, Leadership 3, Perception 3, Pistols 4

Knowledge: Firearms 3, Law Enforcement (professional knowledge) 4, Puyallup Barrens 3, Seattle Politics 2, Seattle Street Gangs 4, Snitches 2, Street Drugs 3, Urban Brawl Schedule 3

Augmentations: Reaction Enhancers (Rating 2), Cyberarm (w/Agility 5, Armor:4), Smartlink (Retinal Modification)

Gear: Armor Jacket, Colt Manhunter with Smartlink, Defiance EX Shocker, Stun Baton, 2 doses of Jazz, Commlink (Device Rating 4)


Dan Harrigan, an Auburn native, was a sixteen-year veteran of the Seattle chapter of Lone Star when everything changed. In March 2072, the ‘Star lost its contract to Knight Errant. Demoted from a lieutenant in charge of the Puyallup Patrol Division to an entry-level patrolman, Harrigan was sent to the Knight Errant academy in Renton to undergo basic training. Although he was acing both the physical and written portions, Harrigan decided he’d had enough amateur treatment from the Knights, and for the last few months has been a private investigator, bounty hunter, and bodyguard-for-hire. He has a small Downtown office, renting out the space above a greasy spoon diner.

Dan Harrigan

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