Big Ben

An enforcer for the Crimson Crush, one of the major gangs of Seattle's Redmond Barrens


Relevant PC: Malachi Constant
Loyalty 1/Connection 2

Body: 3
Agility: 4
Reflex: 4
Strength: 3 (5)
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 3
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3
Essence: 4.7
Initiative: 7
Init passes: 1

Condition Monitor Boxes: 10

Skills: Dodge 2, Etiquette (Street) 4, Intimidation 4, Leadership 1, Longarms 3 (Shotguns 5), Thrown Weapons 2, Clubs (Baseball Bats) 3 (+2)
Knowledge: Barrens Gangs 4, Racing Bikes 2, Smuggling Routes 1, Street Docs 2, Urban Brawl Schedule 3
Languages: English N, Or’zet 2, Salish 1

Augmentations: Dermal Plating 2, Muscle Augmentation and Toner (Rating 2)

Gear: Commlink (Device Rating 2), 1 dose of Nitro
StreetSweeper: Damage: 7P. AP: +2. Mode: SS. RC: -. Ammo: 1(b). Availability: 5R. Cost: 175. Not corp-built, but cobbled together by gang gunsmiths. Manually loaded musket-style for each shot with condensed black powder cubes, requiring a Simple Action. Then crammed full of any small, hard junk or debris within reach, such as rocks, glass, screws, nails, metal scraps, plascrete chunks…this requires at least another Simple Action. Fires at a fixed spread setting chosen when the weapon is built. The GM ma choose to modify weapons DV by +1 or -1 depending on “ammunition.” Uses taser ranges and cannot mount any accessories. The black powder cubes have Availability 4 and cost 1 nuyen per shot.
Molotov cocktail: Short range (0-STRx2) Med Range (To STR x3), Long Range (To STR x4), Extreme Range (To STR x5). Damage =5P; starts fire as per p.155 SR4.


Big Ben is a mid-level member of Crimson Crush, the orkish turf gang running The Verge neighborhood in Redmond. His main duties are enforcing, which includes extorting protection money from tenants and maintaining discipline amongst members. He also helps with security at Aces, the gang’s hangout, and sometimes joins the fight against enemies like the First Nations. He is known to prefer large blunt objects in combat that allow him to make use of his strength; this also comes in handy for intimidation. Big Ben sometimes does various drugs, but his main weakness is his lust for Asian prostitutes. He is known to resent the presence of Mafia soldatos when they treat Crimson Crush like second-rate street rabble.

Big Ben

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