Belletrix LeBangs

A Filipina dryad pr0n star from Tennessee, searching for thrills in the shadows of Seattle

Belletrix LeBangs

Metaype: Dryad (Elf metavariant)
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Filipina
Height: 5’8"
Measurements: 34D-24-32 (variable)
Citizenship: CAS

Current Karma: 0
Total Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Infamy: 0
Public Awareness: 0 (as a shadowrunner; has national fame as a porn star)


Body 3
Agility 6
Reaction 1
Strength 2
Charisma 8
Intuition 4
Logic 1
Willpower 4
Edge 3 (current points: 3)

Essence: 4.65

Initiative 5
Initiative passes: 1
Matrix initiative: ??

Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 10

Active Skills

Blades 1 (wrist spurs 3)
Con 5 (Seduction 7)
Escape Artist 2
First Aid 1 (“sports” injuries 3)
Etiquette 2
Intimidation 1
Negotiation 5 (Sense Motive 7)
Perception 1 (Visual 3)
Pistols 1
Unarmed 1 (Escrima 3)

Knowledge Skills (finalizing)

Biology 1 (Anatomy 3)
Business 2 (Porn Industry 4)
Seattle Street Gangs 1
Street Drugs 1


Tagalog: N
English: N


-Big Regret (Embarrassing viral video from when she first moved to the big city)
-Bilingual (Tagalog)
-Day Job
-Distinctive Style
-Double Jointed
-Fame (National)
-Low-light Vision
-Natural Athlete
-Martial Arts (Escrima)
-Thrill Seeker


-Breast Implants
-Fiberoptic Hair
-Cyber Spurs (retractable)
-Clean Metabolism
-Sensitive Skin
-Silky Skin

Possessions (finalizing)

-Armor Jacket
-4 thermal smoke grenades (Blast: 10m radius)
-20 standard RFID tags (Rating 1)
-4 datachips
-Radio signal scanner (Rating 4)
-White noise generator (Rating 4)
-Respirator (Rating 4)
-Medkit (Rating 4)
-Fake SIN (Rating 3: Caroline Decker of Corpus Christi. Dual Aztlan/Aztechnology citizenship.)
-Low lifestyle, 1 month

-Frankie Doubletree – Connection4/Loyalty1 porn tycoon
-Mrs. Kim – Connection3/Loyalty4 Underground Arms Dealer
-Mohammed McAllister – Connection3/Loyalty2 Club Owner
-Holden Fernandez – Connection2/Loyalty6 Corporate Secretary/Fansite Manager
-Carlos Blumenfeld – Connection2/Loyalty2 ID Forger
-Doc Hobo -Connection1/Loyalty2 Street Doc
-Butterscotch – Connection2/Loyalty2 stripper
-Big D – Connection2/ Loyalty3 drug-dealer


The dryad woman who would become known as Belletrix LeBangs was born in Nashville, Tennessee to a second-generation Filipina woman.

Belletrix’s mother was featured in the abstract title sequence of a popular spy trideo series. She dreamed of one day being a big star and this was her big break. However, she soon found herself knocked up and single and she fled back home to the good ole CAS.

Belletrix was raised being told her father was the latest iteration of the infamous spy. She firmly believed that her mother was destined to be a big star and always felt slightly guilty about derailing her mother’s career aspirations. Her mother became a stage mother, entering young Belletrix in pageants throughout the CAS. Belletrix grew up believing she was destined to succeed where her mother could not and become a big star.

Eventually, putting her rare looks and presence to use, she became involved in the industry of teh pr0nz.

Despite an exciting life of paid bisexual activity and hobnobbing with the rich and (in)famous, Belletrix always sought something more. Her simsense recordings gave her a fierce following among her fans, which she has supplemented by blogging. Eventually she made the decision to move out of the CAS to Seattle. Now, after years of hard work, Belletrix finds herself at the absolute top of her field.

Unfortunately, Belletrix has discovered that the top is boring. Perhaps she has finally experienced every possible position within her field. She can’t seem to find any new angles on her work.

One night in 2070, Belletrix was having sex with NetCat, the female technomancer JackPoint user. When NetCat orgasmed, she involuntarily sent Belletrix a file, one called “Attitude.” Reading this, the dryad porn star decided that running the shadows was just what she needed to break out of her rut. Her producer, Frankie Doubletree, heir to the Doubletree hotel fortune and infamous entrepreneur, has latched onto her newfound brassiness, and has used her as a honeypot several times, advancing his own agenda as a pseudo-crimelord. Having done these solo jobs, Belletrix felt ready to join a ’running crew…

…Which almost got her shot right in the face several times! “Fuck this shit!” Belle said to herself. She quickly transitioned to the role of fixer. Aided by Malachi’s war against Baraka, Belle scooped up Baraka’s empire and established herself as a powerful fixer in Seattle. She uses her legitimate business as a talent agent as a cover for her shadow activities.

Belletrix LeBangs

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