Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Session Seven: Raiders of the Storm Shadow

The team boards the Renraku container ship _Arashikage_

Wednesday, November 23, 2072 – 11:53 PM
International Waters, 2,016 kilometers off North America’s Pacific coast

The crew having predicted the target vessel _Arashikage_’s course, the submarine (dubbed SS Renraku Sucks! by Cap’n Mal) awaits her prey. Mal-0 peeks out astrally, noting several wards on the massive cargo ship. Malachi compiles a crack sprite and declares that he wants to breach into the hold, but to deal with the ship’s satellite uplink first. Lucy wants to digitally follow the sat-link into space to expand her consciousness, but everyone else wants to take it out by having Mal-0 melt the deck beneath it, or else spoof its data emission. Hit Monkey asks if anyone wants to pay him not to kill anyone; there are no takers.

Having lain in wait for Arashikage along its transit route, Cap’n Mal decides to latch onto the starboard bow and break in to deal with the sat-link. Mal-0 does some Psyke and casts Improved Invisibility on everyone. Malachi compiles a machine sprite to help his sub-piloting abilities, sub-par even with the skillsoft provided by Ms Johnson. Deftly moving parallel to the Renraku vessel, Cap’n Mal engages the boarding mechanisms and Malaclypse casts Shape Object to create a meter-wide hole. Hit Monkey’s agent, JARVIS, scores four hits on Scan, detecting the sat-link, the cranes, and the three security nodes (drones, cameras, and sensors.) Malachi sends his LEBD-1 through the breach, followed by Lucy’s Dragonflies, Hit Monkey, and Malaclypse.

The LEBD-1 advances stealthily as Malachi analyzes the sat-link’s node, finding it has a Firewall 6 and Encrypt running. Lucy flies to the ceiling with commands for her flies to follow, gaining a good vantage point. JARVIS tries to hack the sat-link as Hit Monkey boards the ship, sneaking and scouting – he spots a repair crewman casually strolling his way, but doesn’t shoot. Malachi gets 5 hits to hack the sat-link and the sensors. Dragonfly-Lucy moves through the vents to the upper deck with four flies, four remaining in the hold. She spots a group of four smoking sailors and the sat-link, deciding not to destroy it.

Hit Monkey uses Krav Maga to aim and shoots the repairman in the face with his silenced Predator IV. Malachi threads a stealth program; he and JARVIS try to hack in again, and would’ve succeeded if not for that meddling firewall. An alarm goes off in the node! The sensor node remains undetected. Malachi manages to get himself caught, but is in on the sat-link and sensor nodes. In the sat-link node, “Wraith” blasts the kitten-disguised IC with a Death Star blast, but they shrug it off. He threads up his Armor complex form, and takes a damage from threading his Shield complex form. Another blast deals 8 to both kitten-ICs and the LEBD-1 begins using its radar. JARVIS gets into the sat-link. LEBD-1 turns on its radar but gets no hits. Malachi is attacked by the kitten-IC, but his Shield complex form helps him shrug off the attack. Malachi threads an Edit complex form and attacks the kitties, gaining control of the Barrens-themed node. JARVIS finds that Arashikage has received navigational data to head to coordinates in the middle of the Pacific, far from any known islands.

Hit Monkey sneaks upstairs past two men making out; he shoots one in the back of the head for other reasons entirely. The shot kills both of them. Lucy deploys a Finsceal from the sub to the cargo bay and sends a Dragonfly aft towards the engine room. Mal-0 keeps exploring the cargo bay, and spots a guardian spirit. Mal-0 hits it for 7 with a Stunball. The samurai-spirit astrally slashes Malaclypse for 6, but is stunned for good by the second Stunball. One of Lucy’s Dragonflys scouts out the engine room, crew area, and bridge by traversing the vents – its finds about ten crewmen in the engine room, a couple on the command deck, and the rest in the crew area.

Malachi and Lucy hack into the drone node, discovering that drones have already been deployed – several submarine drones have been launched, and now threaten Cap’n Mal on the party’s own vehicle!



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