Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Session Six: Here We Go Again

As the B-Team skyjacks, the A-Team prepares for seaborne skullduggery

Sunday, 20 November 2072
Seattle, UCAS

Malachi has spoofed tix to the Seahawks game. Malaclypse is playing jai alai with his roommate/landlord Milo. Belletrix, now the team’s fixer, has gotten them a job and wants to meet at Club Penumbra to discuss it. She invites them there, mainly to party. Her replacement on the team, the Hindu Hit Monkey, is less enthused about debauchery. Belle tells them that Ms Johnson wants to meet the next afternoon on a semi-ballistic flight to Havana, the capitol of the Caribbean League.

Hit Monkey brings his Infiltrator pistol on board, and a few other items. Malachi Constant spoofs a seat in coach, projecting to the meeting in AR. Malaclypse phantasms Lucy’s drone Mansford to look like Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels, and himself to be Charlie Chaplin. Ms Johnson sits down across the aisle from the crew, although she never interacts with them in the real world – the negotiation takes place entirely in the Matrix. Malachi hacks and edits Ms Johnson’s icon from the Queen of Diamonds to the 2. The team suspects that she is Grace Friel of the Draco Foundation. Their mission is to wait two days for the Renraku container ship Arashikage to clear port and get into the open seas; their mission is then to hijack it using a Partisan submarine, and return it to Seattle. For this, they will receive the sum of 62,000 nuyen (negotiated up from 50,000), a Shape Object spell for Mal-0, and a Pilot Aquatic Vehicles skillsoft for Malachi.

Malachi hacks Johnson/Friel’s commlink, finding nothing. He leaves a sprite he’s compiled, ordered to watch for further activity. Lucy scans for hidden nodes, just in case: but she has turned it off. Meanwhile Hit Monkey’s agent program, JARVIS, runs a data search on Friel.

Upon landing in Havana, Malachi researches shipping lanes. Mal-0 researches his new Melt spell. Malaclypse wants to rob a casino. Meanwhile he summons watcher spirits to find Watanabe and the Arashikage Malachi tries to hack plane passenger manifests to find Watanabe when he went across the Pacific. The team wastes no time in Cuba, returning to Seattle almost immediately. Malaclypse sends out watcher spirits to find Arashikage and its purported owner, Watanabe “Tanaka-San” Tatsuo as JARVIS, runs a data search on Watanabe’s public activity (finding that he, after performing a few more jobs, traveled to Neo-Tokyo one day and has not been seen since.)

Mal-0’s watcher spirit finds the cargo ship at a Renraku shipyard in Tacoma. Lucy packs all of her drones sans Mansford, Cervantes, Bubo and the Bust-a-Move into a shipping crate, with the intent of stowing away aboard the ship. First, Bubo, a few Dragonflies, and Hit Monkey go on a recon mission. HM sets up atop a tenement apartment building as Bubo lands aboard Arashikage. HM assenses and sees a spirit floating above the ship; its form is an elderly kimono-clad Japanese man armed with a katana. Lucy lands on the ship with her Finsceals and Dragonflys; alarms go off and six rotodrones launch. Lucy retreats; they don’t leave or fire outside Renraku airspace. Malachi jumps into one of the rotodrones and gets a security account. Malachi suggests a distraction run against the dockside warehouse to make Renraku think that was the goal; Lucy says she’ll probably just go aboard the sub.
Malachi hacks and finds the crew and cargo manifests. One container is “Maritime Project N71.” In their past voyages, he seems that they always used the same route between Neo-Tokyo and Seattle.

Mal-0 summons a Spirit of Man in the form of a monocle-wearing bong. It succeeds where the watcher failed, and manages to find Watanabe’s private jet thirty miles norht, headed north as well. Mal-0 astrally projects after it, seeing that it’s escorted by a pair of spirits similar to that seen earlier. Assensing, he memorizes the spirits’ signatures. Following the plane for too long, Malaclypse’s summoned spirit is slashed apart by Watanabe’s escort spirits in astral combat.

Results: Their next mission planned, the crew now has only to act.



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