Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Session 6: Gaiden

A madcap B-Team engages in vehicle combat by air and land

Belletrix LeBangs, now a fixer in the Seattle shadows, has gotten a hot tip regarding the location of a magical reagent(of uncertain specifications.) She has assembled a secondary runner team for the job: to fly a plane through Salish-Shidhe airspace to intercept a smuggling zeppelin, board the airship, and find the item on board. The team consists of WZRD (an oni hacker/rigger), Dan Harrigan (an ex-Lone Star bounty hunter), Cactus Jack (a Discordian free spirit allied with Malaclypse the Zeroth, and Orphaner (an Amerindian troll mystic warrior bent on revenge.)

WZRD flies the plane and searches for nodes in the sky while Harrigan mans the radar and other sensors. WZRD detects a commlink in the clouds and takes her up. Harrigan repeatedly fails to detect the stealth blimp, and finds a flock of geese on a glitch. Orphaner leans out the door to zap one with a lightning bolt. Seeing the heroes’ plane, the blimp fires a powerful laser cannon into their port side, taking off a third of the plane’s structural integrity. The smugglers’ craft remains hidden from view, its chameleon skin blending it into the rain-spewing clouds.

Cactus Jack makes an illusion of the plane going down in flames, as Orphaner makes the real plane invisible, effectively fooling the enemy gunner. WZRD launches his Armadillo electronic warfare drone, Harrigan taking the controls as the hacker slumps into VR. The drone, mounted on the plane’s exterior, heads toward the laser’s source. Cactus Jack uses his Accident power on the blimp’s rigger captain, while Orphaner summons a Spirit of Man in the form of his father’s ghost (manipulation, Force 5 with four services) on their blimp. Meanwhile WZRD detects the zeppelin’s nodes, ordering his drone to jam the blimp. While snooping around, the rigger captain launches IC against him.

Cactus Jack flies toward the blimp. The troll’s spirit influences the blimp’s sensor/communications officer into switching off their chameleon skin. Harrigan launches one of WZRD’s LEBD-1 rotodrones. Cactus Jack makes the guardian spirit (a valkyrie) high with his confusion breath attack. The troll spirit influences the captain to land the blimp. The two Viking IC programs gang up on WZRD’s icon, one of them landing a hit. WZRD gets a security account, while the captain bolsters two drones with ECCM and launches them out through hacking. Papa Troll influences the captain to jump off the blimp. Before he does, Harrigan flies the plane (untrained) above the blimp, and Orphaner grabs a rope, jumping with a rope in hand twelve meters down, severely buckling the catwalk and crushing a crewman. He boosts his agility and brandishes his combat axe.

Cactus Jack finally makes it to the blimp, flying into the cockpit, where he manifests as Wonder Woman. His Accident power causes the captain to switch off the anti-missile lock countermeasures, and his drug breath incapacitates the captain and the scanner officer. WZRD goes full VR, allowing the plane’s autopilot to take over. WZRD returns his Armadillo to the plane, and orders all of the blimp’s LEBD-1s into the plane as well. Using the captain’s ID, WZRD locks all doors and orders security to stand down, also giving Orphaner and Harrigan an AR map. Harrigan zips down the line that Orphaner established, taking a bead on a guard with his pistol, dealing 7 damage. Orphaner notices another guard to the stern, cutting the rope and swinging aft, cutting him in half and knocking both parts overboard. Meanwhile the captain and sensor officer fall unconscious. WZRD sends word to Harrigan and Orphaner that he’s going to tip the ship – the wounded guard and one other fall overboad. Orphaner’s magnetic boots keep him from falling, while Harrigan holds onto the handrail and shoots an explosive round into the final guard’s throat as he dangles from the handrail, blasting him off the ship. The gunner threatens Cactus Jack that he’ll shoot down the plane – WZRD opens the door; Harrigan enters, shoots the gunner to the deck, and throws him overboard. Orphaner, Papa Troll, and Cactus Jack search the cargo hold for the artifact. Harrigan butt-strikes the sensor officer, hanging him with his own parachute. WZRD searches for where the navigational computer was leading them, finding the Cascade Orks. He downloads this to sell to The Man. The kill-beam hits the blimp, blasting it out of the sky. Harrigan is knocked against the wall, but shrugs it off and puts the artifact box in his arm. He fights his way to the catwalk and jumps overboard with his parachute. Cactus Jack uses Psykonesis first to help Harrigan, who then carries out several crates. Orphaner, with his magnetic boots, carries two crates himself. WZRD wipes the computer, logs out, and lands.

Cactus Jack flies around assensing to find Harrigan and the two crewmen who fell overboard. Cactus Jack turns into a yeti and approaches him. The guard fires a burst from his AR uselessly into Cactus Jack, who uses his accident power to cause the man to fall over. The spirit, ignoring the gunfire, walks up and confuses him further and further. When the man has descended into madness (-17 to all tests), Cactus leaves him to the wilderness. Meanwhile the crew loads the crates into the plane. WZRD sends word to Belletrix as Cactus Jack hovers outside.

At the country safehouse, Malaclypse the Zeroth shows up in astral form and shoots shit with Cactus Jack, identifying the reagent as a pineal gland. After Mal-0 leaves, the drones detect incoming ground vehicles. Eight armed dune buggies are speeding toward the house, two from each cardinal direction. Each has a driver and a standing gunner who operates a mounted light machine gun.

WZRD runs to the plane (parked out back and still invisible) as his drones get into place – Dobermans by the back door, LEBD-1s in a perimeter, Armadillo jamming everything. Orphaner casts Ice Sheet, causing both southern buggies to crash into each other. Cactus Jack fails to use his Accident power on another. Harrigan raises his assault rifle, shooting out an eastern buggy’s tire and causing it to crash. Eastern and western LEBDs miss. Dobermans move to the plane, dealing seven damage to a western buggy. Orphaner casts another Ice Sheet in the north, but both buggies swerved to avoid it. Cactus Jack casts another Ice Sheet, crashing both northern buggies. Harrigan fires at the remaining eastern buggy, bursting the driver’s head and rolling the buggy over, breaking the gunner in half. One of WZRD’s Dobermans shoots out the first buggy’s engine; a LEBD damages another for 6. Harrigan runs around to finish it off.

Cactus Jack assenses to search for survivors. Orphaner searches for body identication, finding nothing. WZRD wants to search their license plates. Cactus Jack and Orphaner consider selling body parts and cyberware. Belletrix concludes that there must be a spy among her A-Team’s contacts.



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