Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Session Five: Out With a Bang

The gang wraps up the first mission

Touristville (Redmond Barrens) and Downtown Core
Sunday, Nov 19, 2070 – 5:00 AM

Lucy laments the fact that she can’t place one of the hyena implants into Dr. Santagar. She hacks a taxi and sends two Dragonflies to Tanaka’s apartment; Belletrix edits and uploads her most recent blog footage, also arranges for Doc Hobo to have a skin surgery operation. Lucy arrives at the apartment, finding that it’s guarded by Knight Errant.

Meanwhile she tries to infiltrate “Tanaka-San”‘s apartment. Accessing security cameras proves fruitless, and she opts not to shut off their power: instead, she nears his balcony and tries to access one of his household drones. Targeting a Manservant drone, she walks to the bedroom door, hacking past the biometric door. She finds Tanaka-san abed, wearing a gi. She turns on all three commlinks on his nightstand, reading their displays. One of them displays his name as Watanabe Tatsuo. This one shows a conversation with Ambassador Okabe Toshimoto, revealing a potentially closer relationship. Watanabe appears to be a freelance corporate lawyer, currently working for Evo. Belle, Malachi, and Lucy decide it’s okay to hand over Maria to Tanaka/Watanabe. The team (sans Lucy) decides to go to sleep – a couple of Dragonflys stay at Tanaka’s. Malachi spoofs a taxi to drive in circles as he sleeps. Belle and Malaclypse sleep at their own places. Lucy sends a Finsceal to escort the hyenas around the block; they run into two Crimson Crush gangers, who freak out and attack – but she’s able to talk them down before they fire their StreetSweepers.

International District, Downtown
Monday, Nov 20, 2070 – 12:00 PM

Belletrix wakes up at noon to find Doc Hobo, who has crashed on her couch. He has cultured her new skin in the fridge; Jizzelle thankfully has not eaten it. Belle tells him where to show up at 10:00 PM so he can see “what she gets into, and what gets into her, heheh.” Belletrix is operated on by Malaclypse, and then operates him at The Class Reunion! Meanwhile Malachi spoofs a call from the manager of The Cutting Edge to Hochi Motoori, the hit squad leader – “I’m sending a car for you. We need to talk.”
Malachi brings Hochi to The Class Reunion, then meets him there. He and Lucy interrogate, next door to Belle and Mal-0. Malachi threatens hyena-death; Lucy explains it’s not her interest to harm him. Lucy stops Malachi from having a hyena piss on Hochi. Hochi claims that Watanabe let Shiawase win a land dispute with the Yakuza in Tacoma; the team doesn’t believe him due to the lack of Shiawase info on Tanaka-san’s commlink. Malachi offers to give credit for Tanaka-san’s death; Hochi insists that he needs to know when this will happen so he won’t have an alibi.

2:00 PM
Surgery, sex, and interrogation being done, Lucy calls Vincenzo Costello. She says that Marco Jimenez, the PARC spider, needs to lie low and continue working. He’s wary of Lucy’s motives, but allows Marco to begin work on a probationary manner. The team considers shipping Marco, selling him to Aztechnology, hiring a smuggler, bribing airport officials, or other strategies. Belletrix contacts Carlos Blumenfeld, her ID forger friend, to try and facilitate the action.

The team is cutting close on time, so they decide not to try to lure out Ikaru Shotozumi beforehand. Malaclypse sends a Watcher spirit to the meeting place in Everett. He/it spots a trio of First Nations gangers dealing to a dwarf and an ork. Lucy’s sends Bubo as well. Malachi and Belletrix go there physically along with Maria. Lucy sends a separate cab with two Finsceals and two Dobermans. On the way, Belle texts Baraka about TerraFirst!

The team gets to the meet-spot early; two helicopters show up late. One is an assault model, one a transport. Malachi hacks the assault ’copter, sending a machine sprite into it. The transport chopper arrives, spewing Red Samurai onto the turf. Ikaru says that Watanabe told him to kill the team to save money, but he has come to respect them and will still pay them fully.

Belletrix patches Knight Errant into her feed. Before any negotiations can occur, Malaclypse tries to Levitate the attack chopper, failing to budge it. Belle makes Ikaru specify his terms; he says Renraku is prepared to offer an additional 10,000 nuyen for their successful framing of Aztechnology. Belle mentions the cranial bomb, for which trouble Ikaru offers another 6,000. Lucy sends Bubo to Hardware open the door open on the adjacent Brackhaven warehouse. Malachi’s machine sprite uses its gremlins power on the attack heli, which glitches, firing both its air-to-air missiles, which turn around and lock onto unknown targets. Malachi fails to hack one of the missiles. Malaclypse opts not to Levitate the missiles away, instead Influencing Malachi to drive away. Both missiles hit the attack helicopter, destroying it and killing the pilot and gunner.

Some of the Red Samurai break discipline, one seizing Belletrix while the others shoot out Maria’s taxi’s tires and suppress the rest of the team. Ikaru mans the door-gun, telling his men to stand down. Malachi’s sprite causes another glitch in the transport chopper, glitching its anti-lock countermeasures. Malaclypse Influences Ikaru to kill Watanabe when next they meet. Ikaru gets his men to stop firing. Malaclypse Influences one of the flanking team to kill Ikaru after the funeral of Watanabe, and Influences another to join Ikaru in an attempt to kill Tanaka-san. Belletrix convinces Ikaru to set her free; she goes to escort Santagar from the taxi to the helicopter. Malaclypse the Red Samurai who grabbed Belletrix to kill himself that night. After the Samurai and Santagar are back aboard the helicopter, it falls the two feet to the ground. Belle stops transmitting to Knight Errant; Lucy hacks a cab. Malachi decompiles his machine sprite, then compiles a data sprite, which tags Ikaru’s icon with a cookie that will allow his courier sprite to track his node access, communications, program interactions, etc. Malachi, using Marco Jimenez’s commlink, messages Watanabe, saying only: “Watch your back.”

Baraka takes the team to Dante’s Inferno for a celebratory party. They’ve earned a fine celebratory party.

Next time: two years pass, and the gang becomes one of the prime running teams of the Seattle shadows. Their exploits over this period, and how they deal with the changing Sixth World, will be detailed in our Intermission Session.



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