Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Prologue: Lucy

A synthetic life-form upholds its moral code in the darkest of shadows

Wed, 8 Nov, 2070 – 4:00 PM
Renton Center, Renton (Seattle Metroplex, UCAS)

The metasapient AI that calls itself Lucy is going about “her” normal activities of people-watching in Renton when she receives a message from “Mr. Johnson”. She accepts the offer to meet at Club Penumbra at 7:00 to discuss a drone rigging job that will take her to Denver. Immediately after the exchange, Lucy traces the message to a soykaf joint in the Elven District of Downtown. Hacking the café’s security cameras, Lucy discovers that Johnson is a green-haired elf male in business attire. Hacking his commlink reveals that his name is Morgan Fontana, and that he is self-employed as a repo man.

Downtown Core, Seattle Metroplex

Sending her Manservant drone to Penumbra at the appointed hour (by way of hacked taxi), Lucy sees a lengthy line presided over by a brawny troll bouncer. After a few minutes, Fontana arrives as well, and Lucy decides to hack the bouncer’s commlink to enter Fontana’s name and her own onto the VIP list. Approaching Fontana and using his real name, Lucy is able to catch the Johnson off-guard. The two go inside, where a pair of green-jacketed elves give up their booth at Morgan’s behest. Negotiations begin.

Fontana’s garb has completely changed from his café attire – he is now decked out all in leather, with a spiked collar, a mohawk, and AR tattoos. Lucy can tell that he’s putting on airs. Morgan plays it straight – he is a repo man who recently tried to repossess a t-bird for some friends on the force. He was roughed up by some thugs and had to back off, but he feels that someone prepared for the situation could deal with them handily. He’s hiring a shadowrunner because he can’t afford the loss of reputation involved in failing to get the vehicle. He offers 2,000 nuyen for the job.

Lucy accepts the job. Morgan says that he managed to tag the t-bird, and provides a tracker that should detect it within a kilometer. As Morgan leaves the bar, a pair of green-and-gold clad humans get up and follow him out, jumping him on the sidewalk and punching him repeatedly in the gut. Lucy does not intervene, but the assailants have fled on their motorcycles before Morgan’s elf friends – Alan and Liam – can make it back across the street. The two humans had warned Morgan that “the Ancients had better get off Cutter turf.”

Thu, 9 Nov, 2070
CAS Sector, Front Range Free Zone (Denver)

Lucy returns her drones home and arranges for them (except her falcon bot) to be shipped to the CAS sector of Denver in the morning. There are no hang-ups in “stowing away,” and Lucy is routed to a suburban neighborhood called Inglewood, not far from the University of Denver. Having checked the real-estate classifieds, Lucy sets up shop in an empty home on which she has made generous offers, so as to fend off visitors. Some neighborhood kids spot the drones opening themselves out of the streetside package. Having set up shop, she sends out drones to scour the area. Before too long, they pinpoint the location: Klub Karma, a nightspot located in the CAS Sector’s Chinatown.

Chinatown is a far cry from Inglewood, filled with suspicious and poor ethnic Chinese rather than commuting professors and corp wageslaves. Two t-birds grace Klub Karma’s lot. Lucy contacts Fontana and receives the VIN. The first t-bird her dragonfly breaks into happens to be the correct one. After a brief inspection, it also turns out to have a refrigerated smuggling compartment under the trunk – this is filled with neatly-packed metahuman organs. Lucy commandeers the vehicle, and does the same with the other for good measure. A security hacker leaps into action, his Roman centurion icon engaging Lucy’s falcon in cybercombat. Her dragonfly in the bar attacks him, wrecking his AR gloves. She has a commlinked conversation, first with the hacker (Dino) and then with his superior, Vinnie (Vicenzo Costello). Vinnie owns Klub Karma, and is a made man within the local Mafia – perhaps notable in an area that would seem fertile Triad ground. Lucy declares that he must know something about the owner of the other t-bird, sending both cars out into the mountains. Vinnie says that Lucy should just go about her business now that she has the car she came for, but the AI insists on staying to see its “owner” and pass judgment. Vinnie warns that she may not like what she finds – the man is a member of Tamanous, the dreaded organlegger network who thought Klub Karma would be a good place to lie low.

At 5:00, Lucy talks to Vinnie again. The mob man seems just to want out of the situation and get his car back – he throws Colin McNeil, the Tamanous man, out into the street. Lucy sends Vinnie’s t-bird back to the klub and then contacts McNeil, demanding to know his mission. After some prodding, the organlegger says that there’s a man in Denver whose wife passed away, and is now looking for organs to supply several clone slugs – the man wants to create a harem of clones of his own deceased wife. Although Lucy wants to know more, McNeil cuts off communication.

Before leaving Denver, Lucy contacts Morgan Fontana again, demanding further payment due to the sensitive cargo involved. As leverage, she threatens to simply fence the stolen t-bird (having found a Denver ‘runner named Maddjack who requested a 20% finder’s fee), which would be much more lucrative than completing her contract. Fontana counters that her reputation as a ’runner hinges upon her reliability, but allows that Tamanous entanglements require special care. This nets her a third drone in the deal in addition to the promised nuyen. After all this, Lucy ends up leaving the organs at a local hospital anyhow.

Fri, 10 Nov, 2070
Everett, Seattle Metroplex
After a marathon run back to Seattle, Lucy meets Fontana and his elf thugs back at Club Penumbra. Fontana rides in the t-bird along with Lucy’s Manservant and Dobermans, while the dragonflies fly escort and the two elf thugs tail on their ‘bikes. They set out to a dockside warehouse in Everett, where they plan to meet one of Fontana’s contacts in Lone Star, the dirty cops who asked him to “repo” the car in the first place. The contact is to pay Fontana with a certified credstick, who will reward Lucy in turn. Fate has other plans. As the car pulls up, Lucy sees a red mess where four ghouls are feasting on the fresh remains of their bag man. The ghouls rush the convoy – one jumps on the t-bird’s hood while another bashes at the passenger window. A third knocks Alan off his ’bike and tries to overpower him, while the fourth stays back and continues feasting.

Lucy manages to knock one ghoul off the hood and land on it, meanwhile mowing another down with drone guns. The third punches through Morgan’s window, but is crushed when Lucy sideswipes him against the side of the warehouse. As the last ghoul flees, Lucy’s drones investigate the area, finding a Remington Roomsweeper and the credstick. The ‘Star cops paid less than promised: only 2,000 nuyen is on the stick, meaning Fontana won’t be able to keep any for himself – after all, Lucy did save his life. Lucy says that he’ll be able to fix up the t-bird and sell it for considerably more anyhow. They then travel to Fontana’s garage, where he gives her the pick of his drone collection. The next day, Lucy receives a message from Baraka, a fixer who’s heard of her recent work. He’s putting a team together, one that needs a rigger…


Lucy: 2,000 nuyen, an Aztechnology Crawler, an Evo Orderly, a C-D Dalmatian, and a Remington Roomsweeper.
+1 Street Cred, 4 Karma.



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