Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Intermission: Malachi

Technomancer terrorism and gangland investigations are enough to keep anyone busy

German ork-rocker Tommy Thrash is in Seattle at the Crash 2.0 monument, where he hires the runners as extra security. He plans to announce that he’s a technomancer and call for an end to experimentation on his kind. Humanis learns of his schedule, and sends a goon squad as well as a mage with Mob Mood to incite a riot. An assassin is to kill Tommy and blame it on the crowd. Malachi tells Bas that he’s busy, but goes in the crowd. He ushers Tommy to safety, but allows the Humanis mage to cast his spell. He also spoofs a call from Sebastian to the mage, telling him to panic the guards. Most of them flee, but shots are fired – several are wounded, and there are two fatalities. Malachi disables Tommy’s rigger as he leaves, telling Tommy to go to a spoofed safehouse (and allowing Humanis a clear escape path.) He also edits all the Humanis identifying markers out of the security footage, passing them off to Tommy as an anti-TM group. +Loyalty to Sebastian DeVries; Malachi gets nuyen.



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