Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Intermission: Malaclypse

The Seattleite pope goes on a vision quest, securing a pact with a daughter of Eris

It is March 19 2071, holy day of Dr Van Van Mojo. Since it is St Mojo’s month (Disco Flux), Malaclypse the Zeroth has a disco party with Elvish and his roommates. After Malaclypse demonstrates a scorching floor display of his disco moves, Dr Van Van Mojo manifests and sends him on a quest to go to Sydney, Australia. There, Mal-0 experiences the city’s permanent mana storm, as it flares up and knocks out Matrix coverage, pelting the earth with hail and lightning. Just as he thinks a tornado is about to hit, the sky clears. The doctor tells him to project his consciousness to the Metaplane of Discord. To protect his meat body during the journey, Mal-0 influences a doctor to sustain him while he’s away and creates an astral ward.

Crossing the veil between world, Mal-0 encounters the Dweller in the Darkness for the first time, an entity (or perhaps symptom) that demands the traveler come to terms with some crippling weakness, failure, secret, or fear. At first he believes that the Dweller is The Void, father of Eris. The Dweller confronts him with the fact that he’s been lax in the fulfillment of his destiny. He tells the Dweller that he’s been trying to figure out time travel, and finds himself in a galley astride a storm-swept sea. Atlas is to the south, holding up the heavens. His pain editor bioware looks like a disco ball crown. Looking overboard, he sees Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea: a shapeshifting godling who is said to answer any one question if caught. Mal-0 bypasses the need for a chase by levitating Nereus out of the sea and grabbing him by the leg. The old man tells him that Eris will be found in the Garden of the Hesperides.

Mal-0 influences Scylla to jump into Charybdis’ whirlpool, and sails past. When he arrives at the coast, he casts Trid Phantasm to create the illusion of a flotilla of similar galleys. Landing, he is accompanied by his torchbearing ship’s master. He encounters the sphinx, which poses a riddle: “I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?” Mal-0 ponders saying “hydrogen,” but goes with the correct answer of “the letter e.” A Catma test reveals that all these elements are related to Typhon, whom Eris championed when he fought Zeus. Within, he passes by some crabs and is ambushed by a chimera, which bites him for 1 and poison. He casts Crush for 10 damage; his cohort quick-draws and finishes it off with his iron sword. Entering the Garden of the Hesperides, Malaclypse sees the three nymphs as well as hundred-headed Ladon, the dragon Hera has appointed to guard the orchard. Mal-0 meets Eris and St. Mojo. Eris gives him a golden apple inscribed “kallisti” (“to the fairest”) to which he is to give to one of her daughters; the concept that he favors for his future wife. Three of these are paraded nude before him, to show that they are no cabbages: Dysnomia (lawlessness), Hysmina (battle), and Horkos (oaths). As an unexpected fourth addition, Pseudologos (lies) appears as well. After due consideration, Mal-0 chooses Dysnomia. She tells him that he will find a bride to match her characteristics. She will keep him ageless so long as he upholds her ideals of lawlessness. Specifically, his first task is to spread tempo to a sprawl it has not yet seen. He chooses Beijing, in the Republic of China. This will require some influencing; he visits Bogotá, where he influences some jefes into shipping there. This ends up starting a war with the local Triads, who are challenged by the gangs that the Ghost Cartels give exclusive access to tempo. It being Triad turf, the Smoke Circle Society quickly supplants them. Using magical modification, they take tempo to the next level as a designer drug, creating personalized experiences in their fliphouses.

Results: Initiation grade 2, formula pact with Dysnomia



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