Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Intermission: Lucy

Lucy and her custodial parent embark on a quest that stirs up their pasts

Sept 2072 – Orbison (“Orby”) Wozring is called up for an Ares corporate retreat in Detroit, UCAS, and he asks that Lucy go with him as he fears Ares will try to kidnap him. Having a couple of days, Lucy decides to look into the matter beforehand. Michele Borden is one name that she recalls from her “birth” facility. She is Ares’ current justice on the Corporate Court – and is universally seen as underqualified for the job. Lucy asks to meet with Borden regarding some bogus recovered Ares tech; Borden says that she’s currently aboard the Court’s orbital station, but can meet Lucy in Detroit in a couple of days. Before the trip, Lucy hires her teammate Malaclypse the Zeroth to join her on the trip. Orby and a few other Ares or freelance technicians board a plane at Sea-Tac airport. Mal-0 sneaks aboard the private jet, influencing everyone not to see him. Later, Orby notices they’re flying south. Lucy tries to hack the plane’s navigational computer, but she’s caught. Mal-0 influences the second fattest guy, who rolls all hits and shuts off the alarm.



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