Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Intermission: The Team

The heroes of PARC and their continuing adventures

After finishing their freshman run on November 20th 2070, the team takes a few months to really get off their feet and start being chosen regularly by Johnsons. This process would likely have gone faster, but Malachi’s refusal to work with Baraka again means that the team must work extra hard to get their name on the street (without attracting the attention of Lone Star). Meanwhile, the individual team members have time to engage in a few solo pursuits.


November 29: Malachi having gone into deep isolation following the virgin run, the team must recover their technomancer. Lucy’s Matrix tracking, Malaclypse’s magic, and Belletrix’s rumor-mongering catches up with him; they convince him to stay on with the team.

After the Dec 1 2070 passage of the Technomancer Registration Act, Malachi and Malaclypse the Zerothare irate. The Cooperative, a technomancer rights group, sends Malachi word of a technomancer on the run from NeoNET and Mitsuhama; both corps have dispatched bounty hunting adepts to capture the teenager. A spellslinging FBI agent is also on the case. The Cooperative suggests distracting them by forcing them to fight each other long enough to get the kid to a submarine-driving smuggler in Puget Sound, off the Outremer district’s coast. The teen is currently hiding out in the Ork Underground, and the team must get to him first. Ms LeBangs is busy attending the Adult Video Awards in Toronto. Lucy has her own battles to fight, but contributes a drone or two to the cause.

These battles largely consist of investigation into the murder of Morgan Fontana and the resulting discovery of the pervasive grasp of Tamanous. Thanks to a tip from Holden Fernandez, Lucy comes to believe that a Lone Star sergeant, two of his patrolmen, and a morgue technician are the corrupt cops who killed Fontana. She stakes out a meet between them and an apparently homeless man – a man who, upon following and scanning, does have a house and has been in touch with the late Colin McNeil. Apparently Morgan’s murderers are now in league with Tamanous, ironic considering they hired him to repo the Tamanous t-bird in the first place. The “homeless” man’s name is Brandon Carmichael, and he’s a UCAS Army corporal in the Medical Corps, assigned to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup Barrens (Seattle 2072 p.128). It being near Ft Lewis, the hospital administrators decided to allow the MedCorps to run the place as long as they provide the gear and personnel. General Darcy agreed, since his men can learn urban warfare by clashing with local gangs. Meanwhile Corporal Carmichael is allowing SINless patients to die so he can sell their organs via Tamanous; he sometimes supplements this by shooting squatters. The cops’ role is to run protection on his shipments through the Barrens. Lucy spoofs the sarge’s commlink, meeting Brandon outside a brothel in Lovetown (Puyallup Barrens.) With dragonflies and dobermans, Lucy confronts the organlegging soldier, coaxing him into letting her in on his operation as transportation. Later, she approaches the corrupt cops’ boss, Lt. Dan Harrigan, meeting at The Bishop’s Corpse family restaurant and supplying video footage of their meeting with Tamanous. Harrigan arrests the offenders, including Carmichael, killing one during the apprehension.

Early 2071

January – Mal-0’s troubles begin on New Year’s Day. In Snohomish, Malaclypse’s neighbors are bringing down the pressure. They make it clear that the local police corporation (Snohomish Security Personnel) has no sympathy for Mal-0 and his friends. Their friends in the utilities sector start shutting off power, water, trash service, and anything else. When a fire starts “mysteriously” on the Discordians’ property, emergency services do not respond and it’s up to them to put it out. Malaclypse’s roommate Adam is jumped as he gets off work at The Coliseum, and is badly beaten. Ms Portinari and Milo are pulled over and harassed several times, and her lorestore is vandalized – although once the Humanis thugs try to come inside the magical defenses repel them, with one being killed by a spirit. This only incites them further, and soon a shotgun-toting mob has gathered outside Malaclypse’s house, chanting religious slogans. What does he do?

February – Belletrix is approached by Biff Hardslab, an action trid star who’s about to star in a spinoff based on his street samurai character from the latest Karl Kombatmage installment. Biff has heard of Belletrix’s shadowrunning ways, and he wants to follow her on a run to prepare for his role. She hooks him up with a trustworthy street sam that Malachi has found via ShadowSea. With a few skillsofts, Biff survives a milk run and thinks he’s a real pro. He’s added to Belle’s ever-growing list of contacts. Not long thereafter, Belletrix goes on her last shadowrun: after nearly dying several times, she’s decided that it would be smarter and even more effective to work as a fixer instead of just a shadowrunning face. She takes up the team’s role as primary fixer, finally replacing Baraka. With her poking around, and Malachi checking references on ShadowSea, a new (very different) teammate fills her slot: Hit Monkey!

Later that month, Lucy gets word from Vicenzo that he’s stumbled across a valuable artifact (when he had its holder, a smuggler who tried to rape one of his strippers, whacked). He’s got two buyers already set up, but the men live far away, in Manchuria and Bogota respectively.
If Manchuria: The smuggler is suspected to have ties to Filipino pirates who would probably seize the totem if it were transported by the Pacific, so Vinnie wants to use the Seattle Run, a smuggler’s corridor from Seattle to Vladivostok. Lucy is to smuggle it out of Denver, through Sioux or Pueblo lands and the Salish-Shidhe Council, the Athabaskan Council, and the Trans-Polar Aleut all the way to Russia, and finally Manchuria.
If Bogota: Out of Denver, through Pueblo and CAS to New Orleans, where a ship could take her through the Caribbean League to the free city of Caracas, where air travel to Bogota could be arranged.
Both men are paying the same, thus Lucy’s prize is 6,000 nuyen either way. It is simply a matter of which part of the world she would rather deal with, and perhaps have contacts in afterwards.

Tempo Wars

In the spring and summer of 2071, the Seattle underworld explodes with the violence of the Tempo Wars. With the new astral-perceiving drug having hit streets in mid-February thanks to a new alliance between the Komun’go Ring of the “Korean Mafia” (Seoulpa Rings), the First Nations and the Dogmen, the other syndicates and gangs must fight to stay relevant.

February – Big D, Belletrix’s drug dealer friend, says that he’s gotten hold of a new drug called tempo. There’s going to be a big concert on the U-Dub campus, but he’ll need extra hands to peddle the stuff. He has a few ladies (prostitutes) ready to be drug mules; he just needs a little discrete security. He’ll offer 1,000 nuyen apiece for the night, plus a hit of tempo.

April-May: The First Nations, an Everett-based Native American gang, move in hard on Crimson Crush territory in the Redmond Barrens, seizing their dealing rights in Touristville and reducing their home turf in The Verge to the few blocks surrounding their hangout Aces.

May – The Komun’go approach Belle with the idea of supplying her with Korean and Salish immigrants to use as actors in her shoots…some of them may be less than willing. A shaman will add astral special effects, which only the Awakened (or their tempo-buying customers!) will be able to see. This would align Belle with the Komun’go-First Nations-Dogmen cartel, and give her an edge over a new Toronto-based competitor…but she refuses to deal with unwilling sex slaves. She gets the team together for a quick run to get more evidence linking Komun’go to the slave trade, sending word of the situation to her friend Holden Fernandez, who earns some cred within Lone Star when he passes this on to his superiors. It quickly becomes an FBI matter.

June – VOTE: Does the party take a job to hit Gianelli’s Restaurant in Tacoma? Gianelli’s is an Italian place run by Tony “The Chef” Gianelli, former capo and consigliere of the Gianelli Family, and grandfather of the current don, Joseph Gianelli. The attack is to be done in broad daylight during lunch hours, with biosculpting done beforehand to make the team appear Asian. The Johnson says he works for the Yakuza, but the team’s usual snooping determines that he actually works for the Komun’go Ring. Tony in particular is to be killed, but the Komun’go Johnson requests maximum collateral damage. The pay is 50,000 nuyen, with 2,000 extra for every fatality (Mafia or otherwise), but half pay if Tony the Chef survives.

Late 2071

June – Several of Malaclypse’s racist neighbors begin to disappear while out on their farms. It turns out that a mated pair of wendigo is terrorizing the countryside, and Lone Star insists they can’t patrol that far off the roads. The locals gather, barricading themselves inside the church. They send a heavily-armed truckload to request the aid of the Discordians, offering 7,000 nuyen and to never give them trouble again.

July – A CAS intelligence officer contacts Belletrix. Joint CAS-UCAS naval wargames are going on off the coast, and he attempts to recruit the Tennessee native to infiltrate the UCAS’ Everett Naval Shipyard to steal the specs for a new submarine-hunting drone. Belle rebuffs him, instead selling the information that the CAS is up to something to the UCAS naval commander, Vice Admiral John Lienhard, who turns out to be a fan and an all-around nice guy.

VOTE: August – Sebastian DeVries, III, Malachi’s Humanis Policlub contact, gets in touch with him. He wants Malachi to spread some dirt on Sadness Cubed, a trid series that promotes a positive image of metahumans (Attitude, p. 65-66.) He condemns its “support of promiscuity and disruption of traditional family values.” He offers good nuyen if Malachi can arrange for bad press on this show.

VOTE: September – Another ‘runner (a stealthy adept) approaches the team with a milk run to break into an art gallery and steal some of an up-and-comer’s sculptures. Meanwhile he will hit the artist’s home to get the rest of his works. They are to meet him afterwards and give him the art they swiped. The pay is low (1,500 apiece), but so is the risk.

VOTE: November – The team is given an offer by TerraFirst!, the radical environmentalists. Under cover of a blizzard, the team is supposed to enter a sprawling wilderness area in the Athabaskan Council lands in the former state of Alaska. Specifically, the team is to journey to Mount Denali, where magical troubles have arisen. There, they are to put an end to whatever is corrupting the land (thought to be a toxic shaman.) This offer conflicts with another offer, this one from the FBI: drug shipments continue to pour in from the Pacific Rim, and the agent wants you to stow away aboard a cargo ship thought to be owned by the Triads to see how they operate at sea, and do find out what they do in their home port at Hong Kong. The pay is the same at 7,000 apiece.


VOTE: February – A destitute band of families in Carbonado (Puyallup Barrens) are out of what little luck they had. Relying on scavenging and mining for their survival, the Hispanic dwarfs are crippled by the loss of their mining tunnels when they’re occupied by bandersnatch. Their neighborhood gang, the Chulos, refuses to help. The dwarfs have little to offer (4,872 nuyen), but they are gambling all they have in the hopes a team of shadowrunners can clear out the mines.

March – When Knight Errant supplants Lone Star as the provider of Seattle Metroplex security, Holden Fernandez is retained in a job similar to his current one, although he has to go through Knight Errant training sessions and his previous rank and experience do not count towards his placement. Lt. Harrigan is subjected to the same experience for a time. Although he is acing his physical training in Renton, he decides he’s had enough of KE’s shenanigans, quitting the force to become a bounty hunter-private investigator-bodyguard for hire.

VOTE: April – A neighborhood adjacent to Touristville, fed up with First Nations men lording over them, want the gang out. They gather (barely) enough money to hire the team – 6,470 nuyen – and ask them to scare the Nation away. This may be accomplished by acting like an insane gang willing to do whatever it takes. Alternatively, there’s a “fliphouse” (tempo dealer’s pad) that could be attacked. The team, of course, could just say no, or could take the money and run.


VOTE: Gianelli job for Komun’go: Belle would vote against it, as she has worked with the Gianellis before, but she would definitely relay the offer. Hit Monkey would probably be up for it, but only if it’s a unanimous vote.

VOTE: Smearing Sadness Cubed for Humanis Policlub: Both would turn it down.

VOTE: Clearing mines of bandersnatch for dwarfs: Belle would probably turn it down, because it seems like a lot of work for a minimal payoff. Hit Monkey would probably take the job.

Also, not sure if it was really up for a vote, but Hit Monkey would take the security job for Big D.

Intermission: The Team

VOTE: September 2070: Hit Monkey has no strong opinion on the job. He’ll take it if the team wants to, he’ll walk if that’s how the vote goes.

VOTE: November 2070: Hit Monkey’s vote is to take out the toxic shaman, but he can be persuaded if anyone has a personal reason for taking the other job.

VOTE: April 2071: Hit Monkey’s vote is to hit the fliphouse, Punisher style. Shock and awe.

Intermission: The Team

VOTE: Lucy would be against the Gianelli hit-job (HJ) for Komun’go.
VOTE: Lucy would be against the Sadness Cubed job.
VOTE: Lucy probably wouldn’t steal the art.
VOTE: Lucy would work with TerraFirst! in Alaska
VOTE: Lucy would help clear out the bandersnatch
VOTE: Lucy would accept the fliphouse mission.

Intermission: The Team

VOTE: Malachi is willing to take the Gianelli hit.
VOTE: I don’t have the book that this thing is described in, but tentatively I would say Malachi is in.
VOTE: Assuming standard digging doesn’t turn up anything more than this for motive, Malachi probably just isn’t interested.
VOTE: Malachi personally has no desire to go to Alaska, it is cold, and snowy, and a toxic shaman doesn’t sound like fun times. He also has personal reasons to not want to annoy the FBI (being a fugitive and all), he will probably push for the team to take the FBI job as he wants them to owe him a favor.
VOTE: No interest in clearing out the mines. May pass the intel on to Big Ben and the remainder of the Crush if they are looking for potential new territory since they lost so much in the Tempo Wars.
VOTE: Malachi has no real personal stake in the Tempo Wars and the gang conflict, but if Ben appealed to him, he might take this job.

Also, when Belle retires, Malachi is more than willing to help her establish herself as a fixer by taking over Baraka’s territory. He has quite a few ideas on how to do this in mind that he came up with during his isolation time.

Intermission: The Team

June 71 vote – Gianelli
take the job, certainly kill all gang members, killing more people is fine with me but will accept a no innocent kill if party prefers

August 71 vote – Sadness^3
depends on how much, but no if not pretty good nuyen

September 71 – art

November 71 – terra/fbi
do the terrafirst job, don’t want to work with cops, but will if has to.

February 72 – Dwarves
Kill the bandersnatch.

April 72 – gang
Kick their pansy asses. I would go with insane gang, but would probably be easier to just attack the pad and I’m open to any suggestions.

Intermission: The Team

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