Shadowrun: The Wilson Hall Irregulars

Intermission: World Events

Selected goings-on of the Sixth World, Nov 2070- Nov 2072

Dec 1, 2070: Technomancer Registration Bill passed into law; the Coptic Pope declares sanctuary to technomancers who are “People of the Book.” Cairo becomes a haven.

Dec 5, the Japanese Diet requires all children be tested for technomancy, and Empress Hitomi establishes a school for young and latent technomancers.

Dec 25, 2070: French military units begin a multi-prong invasion of SOX (Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg, jointly administered by a corporate administrative council).

Jan 5, 2071: In Brussels, the NEEC passes mandatory registration and testing of technomancers.

Jan 15, 2071: The Corporate Court rules that the question of AI sapience and rights must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Feb 2, 2071: Pueblo Corporate Council begins offering SINs to AIs; Evo and Horizon follow suit within days.

Feb 12, 2071: A new drug called tempo or flipside hits streets worldwide. Inventories and demand skyrocket, sparking an underworld war and rushed legislation as governments attempt to control drug-related crime sprees and underworld unrest. The First Nations and their allies are at the forefront – the syndicates and their ganger cronies like the Blood Mountain Boys and the Night Hunters all get involved. The Nation takes heavy losses fighting their former Yakuza bosses, but earns the rep they always wanted. They establish a chapter in Vancouver.

Mar 1, 2071: second major clash between First Nations and Crimson Crush in Touristville – 6 dead and a Crimson safehouse burned down. Odd since First Nations have kept their heads down since cutting ties with the Yakuza. It’s also Dogmen turf, a smuggling outfit for whom the Nation has been providing security for a while.

Apr 20, 2071: NEEC imposes severe sanctions against France for their attack on SOX corp facilities. France remains silent regarding their casus bellum.
After months of gang warfare in Seattle, Lone Star cracks down on the tempo trade. A tense truce follows. Finally, Gray-Wolf of the Komun’go Seoulpa Ring approaches Blood-of-the-Buffalo (chief of the First Nations) and proposes alliance between themselves and the Dogmen. The new underworld powerhouse goes to full-out war with the Yakuza as Lone Star and the FBI fecklessly try to intervene. The Mafia strike a truce with the Komun’go. Meanwhile the Triads continue to clash among themselves (Black Chrysanthemum vs the Smoke Circle) the Vory manage to make some presence felt.

Jun 23, 2071: A march on the City of London led by Pendragon results in the peaceful dissolution of the Office of Lord Protector.

Jul 1, 2071: United Nations Initiative on Awakened Issues releases a 4,600-page “Sapience Report” in preparation for a vote on sapient non-metahuman rights.

Nov 20, 2071: Interpol and affiliated agencies, with Corporate Court blessings and backed by Aztechnology military (and secretly, the Aztlaner David Cartel), execute strikes on drug cartel assets in South America, in several nations including Amazonia and in the free cities of Bogota and Caracas. The Olaya Cartel is shattered and Graciela Riveros’s – the creator of tempo – labs are destroyed and she is killed. Azzie popularity soars as a result of their decisive action. Meanwhile Aztechnology begins to sell it to their own employees, having discovered its secret: that long-term tempo use creates a dream pact between the user and the spirits that create the drug. This allows the spirit to possess the addict any time they are asleep or at the peak of a drug high.

Feb 5, 2072: Winter Olympics begin in Denver. Aztlan athletes are prohibited from competing or even entering the city by ZDF forces.

Mar 15, 2072: Gov Brackhaven chooses not to re-instate Lone Star’s Metroplex Law Enforcement contract, citing poor performance during the tempo crisis of 2071. After a bidding process, Knight Errant is awarded the new contract (big surprise, given Ares’ support for Brackhaven), although Lone Star retains many private contracts as well as control of the penal system.

May 10, 2072: In a closed-door session, the UN Security Council overturns the Sapient Non-Metahuman Rights Accord. Protests from several Awakened nations – including Amazonia, both Tirs and Yakut – are vehement.

Nov 8: Incumbent Angela Colloton (Republican) is re-elected as UCAS president. Ramsay McMalkin of the Technocrat party wins the CAS presidency.

Late 2072: With tensions lingering from their proxy war over tempo between the David Cartel and the Ghost Cartels, Aztlan invades Amazonia. Shadowrunners and other mercenaries flock to Bogotá hoping to pick up a contract. Amazonia hires Horizon to combat Aztechnology’s PR department.


Hit Monkey is involved in the attacks on the Olaya Cartel.

Intermission: World Events

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